Best Tricks On How You Can Master Statistics Skills

When you enroll for a statistics course in college, you need to be ready for a lot of work. It is because statistics can pose several challenges when it comes to mental mathematics and data analysis. You need statistics skills, and there are various ways by which you can enhance your skills.

These are the tricks to master statistics skills:

1. Work on your mental mathematics skills

It is an essential skill that you need to have if you are taking statistics courses. Statistics demands a lot of mental maths, for example, working with fractions, which will affect the final result of your work. For instance, try applying some simple tricks to speed up your calculation, like subtracting ten from 100 to get 90, subtracting 20 to get 80, and adding the remaining numbers (18) to make 98.

2. Practice working with fractions

Statistics is all about working with numbers and achieving the best results. It means that you need to master the art of handling fractions effectively; for instance, instead of using one-third as 1/3, use one-third as 33/100. It can be applied to other fractions; make sure you work with a standard normal cumulative probability table calculator.

Another example is the percentage increase and decrease. The easiest way to find these values quickly is to take 100% as 1, and then by multiplying the original number with the percentage increase or decrease, you will get your answer without doing much.

For example, if you want to determine what 7% increase or decrease is on 100, the answer will be 1.07.

3. Get familiar with different measures of central tendency

There are various measures for finding the center of a group of numbers, including mean, median, and mode. While they are all used to determine the center of the numbers, each has its particular use.

For example, mean is used to find out the average of numbers represented by numerical value; however, it cannot be used for nominal data since this method gives equal weightage to all values.

On the other hand, the Median works like the mean but only consider the actual values in a set of numbers and not their frequencies or percentage values.

Mode is the most common value in the data, so when you want to find out what number has been repeated most often in a given group of data, then you use mode.

4. Calculate probability

Since you know how to work with fractions and percentages, it is time to look at the basic concepts of probability, such as calculating simple things like flipping a coin or throwing dice. After tossing a coin, the outcomes are two; heads or tails; when calculating the probability of getting heads, use ½ x ½, which will give you one fourth.

With dice, you can use the same method; for example, the probability of throwing a six is 1/6.

5. Use visualization to calculate standard deviation

If you want to determine the deviation of numbers from their mean, this task can be simplified by applying visualization techniques. For instance, if your group consists of five numbers 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, you can visualize these numbers on a straight line to get the mean value of 6. When determining how many steps they are away from their average, use ‘4’ instead of 6 in the formula.

Final Thoughts

Statistics is a complex subject and requires an ample amount of practice to master. These skills can be learned only with consistent practice, so start working on these right away. When you practice, there is a higher chance of mastering statistics skills and excelling in your exams.

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