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AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Practice Test


Becoming an expert in any field is not an easy task as you have to prove yourself by showing your expertise in the considered field. You have to demonstrate your experience by taking up actual task and providing their perfect solutions. The results will show your strong command over your skills. Skills cannot be gained overnight. Every skill requires time, hard work, dedication, commitment and pure attention. To be expert in any skill needs training, succeeding in exams and winning the certifications.

With the passage of time, Microsoft has been developing its certification program and persistently producing more technical expert in IT industry. And when we talk about Azure solutions, the most remarkable Microsoft certification should be appreciated here and that one is Azure Solutions Architect (AZ-303) certification. This certification is a powerful recognition of your technical competency in Microsoft Azure key IT features and functions such as network, storage, compute, and the like. Also check this link if you need any guidance on microsoft 365 certification.

What Does AZ-303 Describe?

The designing and implementing Azure solutions can only be performed by the experts of Microsoft Azure Solutions Architects. Solutions Architects must know about key features of Azure, such as storage, security, compute and network while designing and implement such solutions. These certified professionals are able to advise stakeholders and convert their business obligations into scalable and reliable cloud solutions. An Azure solutions architect associates with administrators, developers, and other roles responsible for applying Azure solutions.

An applicant who applies for this certification should have the leading experience and better understanding of IT operations: containing virtualization, security, identity, business continuity, data platforms, recovery, governance and networking. The certification holder in this regard should know how to manage the decisions in each aspect that affect the whole solution. Additionally, they should have proficiency in Azure development, DevOps processes and Azure administration.

Preparing for the AZ-303 Exam:

Before appearing in the AZ-303 exam, candidate must know all the essential points for the exact preparation. Preparing the test without knowing the authenticity of the study material may lead you to the failed attempt. It is important to know that you’re each failed attempt of the exam makes you to pay. The fee of the exam varies according to your country, but in USA the average amount is $165. To avoid the failure in the exam it is better for you to prepare the entire course thoroughly.

For a candidate two exams are required to pass for earning Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. Those exams are Microsoft Azure Architect Design and Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies. These are two separate exams which are required to pass for obtaining the certification. The cost of each exam is $165 but the amount changes according to the country from where it is proctored. The candidates are allowed to complete the exam within 120 minutes. AZ-303 exam can be performed in many languages, including English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. The candidate is also allowed to cancel the scheduled test by informing those at least six days before the due date. If candidate cancels or reschedules the exam one day before then he may lose his entire fee.

Advantages of Azure Solutions Architect (AZ-303) certification:

A Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect (AZ-303) certification leads you to the wide range of career opportunities. This certification holder can become solution architect, a developer, solution architect or a cloud architect. Moreover, the certification allows you to work in several companies at remote locations as well. Many companies and organizations have transferred their systems to the cloud because of the advantages they get in compute, networking and storage. With this certification you can play your role in different industries like finance, entertainment and healthcare. Furthermore, the Azure certified professionals are providing their services in different countries like France, United States, UK and more.

An Azure certification holder possesses specific technical skills instead of common abilities. These professionals own a special recognition in IT industry as compared to the other fields of technology. In a recent survey it is declared that an Azure Developers can earn at least $136,768 per year and an Azure Architect earns $152,879 per year. These professionals can increase their salaries by adding more Azure certifications in their resume. One thing should be remembered that the salaries can be varies across organizations and countries, and an AZURE professional can easily earn from $40,914 to $172,170 on average per year.

The learning approach for the certification provided by Microsoft Azure is concise and brief, which makes the learning process fast and quick. There is no need to learn all the different Azure tools but some tools are easy to learn and you can easily use them during Azure services. The discounted prices for tools and software are provided by The Microsoft enterprise that is based on a commitment. Mostly, depends on the quantity, if you buy more than definitely you will get bigger discount.

The demand for the Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect professionals is growing day by day in the different organizations and industries. This certification provides genuine support for the professional development. It is important to know that above six million government organizations take services from Azure cloud. It means that AZ-303 certification holder can successfully get a job in government organization.

Similarly earning this credential can take you to the peak of your career. This certification can raise you to the higher-level positions. Due to its high demand in IT industry your advancement towards top-ranking stages will surprise other professionals. The Azure Solutions Architect grows in his profession faster than non-certified professionals.

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Final Thoughts:

In the journey of Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect certification you have to be patient and determent because it’s definitely a perfect way to improve your career. Similarly, your professional attitude is also developed by this certification. So if you really want a successful career ahead start your AZ-303 exam preparation now and achieve Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. After that you will be recognized as a professional with a high demand in IT industries.

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