Education13 Types of High School and College Assignments


13 Types of High School and College Assignments

Assignments or homeworks often carry grades and remarks that are a means to evaluate your academic progress. These are quite different from the ones you did in your middle schools.

Most freshmen get perplexed by their list of homeworks. So, while you are looking for the right college to apply into, why not also take a peek into some common form of assignments that you have to face in your college!

1. Essays

The most common assignments of all that we all have been writing since we were little. It was mainly informal back then, but in the college or university level, it is more structured and have word limits set by the teachers. It contains 5 elements, namely title page, introduction, core content, conclusion and bibliography suggested by The purpose of writing essays is to express your ideas, and deliver it with facts. There are even different types of essays –

  • Argumentative essay
  • Expository essay
  • Descriptive essay
  • Persuasive essay
  • Analytic essay

2. Research Papers

According to a trusted research paper service this academic writing allows students to identify the topic, analyse it by conducting various research and surveys, and finally interpret and argue the study. It is concluded by giving a synopsis of the methodologies used and the findings, and clear recommendations.

3. Case Studies

You are given a scenario that you have to inspect and based on your understanding you have to give theoretical solution to a set of sub-questions. You have to be clear about what happened, why did it happen, what caused the issue, and how to fix it. You to be enough reasonable, impressive and creative.

4. Project Report Assignments

It is a descriptive explanation of the project work that is done by the students themselves. The brief of the report contains the goals of the project, its objectives, arguments, interpretation and recommendation.

5. Presentations

Presentations are either done alone or in a group. You may have to convey your ideas through a PowerPoint presentation and then interact verbally to the crowd present in front of you. It cultivates your conversation skills and develops your confidence.

6. Reflective Journals

Apart from giving the details of a situation, you will also have to express your thoughts and reactions that came along with your findings. Teachers grade here based on your emotional connection, self-awareness, and critical thinking.

7. Article Writing

The motive of an article is to boost awareness, and be more communicative with the readers. The structure is simpler than other assignments and gives you more freedom to express your ideas.

8. Dissertations

It is one of the longest pieces of assignment that you will ever do. It can vary from between 8000 to 15000 words depending on the level of your education. It is more crucial for the PhD students. Here you have to conduct independent research to a topic that you choose yourself. You can get a sample dissertation writing by penmypaper for a clearer understanding. One factor of assessment is how well did you conquer all your scholarly methods of study.

9. Lab Reports

This is mostly for the science and technology students. Reports are prepared bottomed on the practical experiments carried on in the laboratories.

10. Business Reports

It is particularly for the students who are pursuing their management studies. It is a part of a company analysis where you have to evaluate the position of the company, its life cycle, prepare a SWOT analysis, etc. using various research methods and statistical data.

11. Annotated Bibliography

In annotated bibliography, you have to write down the sources and the related findings to check the validity of the assignment or project that you prepared earlier. You have to be very objective.

12. Portfolios

A portfolio is a complete album of your achievements, skills and knowledge with photographs, that you have attained through the session. It is mostly for the photography students and culinary students.

13. Literature Review

This type of academic paper is a critical overview of your previous research containing a background study, discussion of the study and conclusion.

There are movie reviews, book reviews and article reviews as well.

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