All10 Tips For A Great Resume

10 Tips For A Great Resume


If you’re looking to stand out from the rest and impact your career, it’s crucial to have a great resume. You should ensure that your resume is professional looking and easy to read. You can get interviews very easily with an organized and easy-to-navigate resume. So, here are 7 assorted tips that will make your resume great again:

  • Start With A Summary.

Your resume should begin with a summary at the top of the page. Employers read this section before they get to the rest of your resume. So it’s essential to make it count. Here’s how to write a good summary – 

  • Just because it’s called a “summary” doesn’t mean it has to be long! Keep it precise. 
  • The summary should be 1-2 sentences long but keep them brief and to the point.
  • Don’t waste time telling everyone everything about yourself right off the bat. It’s also good practice for writing job descriptions later.
  • Think about what skills or experience make up your professional identity. See yourself as someone who wants this particular position.
  • Put Your Contact Information On Top.

If you are applying for a job, your name and contact information should be listed on top of your resume. In some cases, this might be enough to show someone you’re interested. 

You only get one chance at making a good first impression. So it’s important that they see who they’re dealing with right away. 

Most people list their education and experience at the bottom of their resume. If they want more information about you, they can look down at the bottom.

  • List Your Education Information Precisely.

You need to list your education information in an organized manner. You can follow these tips to achieve that: 

  • List the name of your school, followed by the city. 
  • If you attended more than one college or university, list them in order from most recent to least recent.
  • List your degree, major, and minor (if applicable).
  • Don’t forget to include when you graduated. 
  • Include any relevant coursework or honors/awards received while in school.
  • If you have additional work experience that’s related to your field of study, include it under the “Relevant Experience” section.
  • If you have volunteer experience that’s related to your field of study, include it on your resume as well.
  • Use an ATS Resume Builder to ensure good formatting and organization.
  • Include Any Relevant Skills You Have.

You’ve invested the time to write a great resume. Now it’s time to make sure you’re including all the relevant skills you have. Put your resume together by considering what you might be able to offer an employer.

  • Don’t List Random Physical Activities.

It is important to remember that physical activities are not relevant to your professional goals. Many students are inclined to list any activity they have done in the past. But this will only take away from the things that will make a difference to your resume. Here’s how that might happen:

  • Physical activities do not show employers that you are organized and have good time management skills. They really want to see that on your resume. 
  • Physical activities also don’t show employers how well you work with others or how flexible of a team player you can be. These skills are much more important in today’s workplace. They don’t want to know how many pushups and sit-ups someone can do in a minute!
  • Don’t Use A Picture.

You should avoid using a picture on your resume. The main reasons are listed here –

  • It can distract from the content of your resume. That is the thing which will help you get an interview in the first place. 
  • It might also be a red flag to hiring managers. They may  perceive that you’re more interested in being liked than getting the job done. They won’t know what else you offer. 
  • If they do like your appearance, it’s likely because they’ve seen too many people with no personality at all. So, they feel entitled to judge someone based on their looks.
  • Use lists and bullets to help people see your points quickly.

Use lists and bullets to help people see your points quickly. Here’s an example – 

Let’s say you’re trying to convey that you are a hard worker and that you excel at team-building. You could use a paragraph to tell the reader, but a list will make it clearer. 


Resume writing is an important part of any job application. A great resume can make you stand out from the crowd and get your foot in the door. I Hope, this article has been helpful for you in crafting a great resume.

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