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Sometimes the video conference is not enough – there is simply no substitute for a face-to-face meeting. An experienced team is at your side to ensure the best possible conditions for your meeting to run smoothly. We support you with professional moderation materials such as a free flipchart, a whiteboard and writing utensils so that you can put all your ideas into practice immediately. We also offer you a beamer, internet and catering at attractive conditions. When it comes to seating, we advise you in detail to find the right shape: from parliamentary to U-shape and block shape to the classic circle of chairs, everything is possible in your huddle room configuration at

Benefit from our all-round service

We take care of the organizational tasks so that you can concentrate on the content of your meeting. This includes, for example, food, which you can book in the form of coffee, drinks, snacks, etc. at reasonable prices. If your plans change and you no longer need your huddle room, that’s no problem either. You can also cancel your booking with us at short notice. But we are also prepared for other changes in your booking. Our different room sizes and our flexible seating make it possible for you to adjust the number of participants at short notice.

Your benefits at a glance

Favorable prices: We attach great importance to fair prices that correspond to your budget. Choose from additional services yourself and only pay for what you really need in your huddle room. You pay your room rental for a full day or half a day – you benefit from particularly low daily prices!

Years of experience: Our team consists of industry experts who will provide you with competent advice on the implementation of your event and ensure that everything you need is available in your huddle room.

Flexible services: Our flexible rental and cancellation conditions make it possible for you to plan at short notice. Even a change in the number of participants is not a problem for us – we are prepared for everything!

Book a creative huddle room now – with numerous advantages at

  • Easily accessible locations with sufficient parking spaces
  • Coffee and optional catering will be provided for all participants
  • We will provide you with professional moderation materials in the huddle room

Your huddle room with a pleasant atmosphere

We know how important it is for a successful meeting that the atmosphere is right. That’s why we make sure that your participants can expect a comfortable environment in our huddle room in which they can be productive. From many years of experience, we know the requirements that must be met for this – for example, tasty food and the provision of modern technology in the huddle room. That’s why we provide you with a wide range of services when you rent your huddle room.

Our standards: Our greatest concern is to make your event as convenient as possible. This includes our all-round service, but also the fact that our premises are particularly easy to reach. You can get to us both by public transport and by car and you can use our free parking spaces.

The right equipment for the break room in the office

The break room is part of the office like the keyboard is part of the PC! After all, we humans are not made to work for hours on one piece. A break takes our minds off things, is fun and then lets us get back to work full of momentum.

In this article, you will find out to what extent a break room in the office is required by law and how you can design it in such a way that everyone feels comfortable in it. We will show your ideas for furnishing and suitable furniture for the break room. Here we go!

The break room – a must in the office?

Breaks not only promote concentration at work, but are also necessary for our long-term health. The law therefore stipulates that anyone who works more than 6 hours a day should take a break of at least half an hour. In addition to break times, the establishment of break rooms is also regulated by law.

Establishment of break rooms according to the Employee Protection Act

According to the Employee Protection Act, if more than twelve employees regularly work in an office, a separate break room is on the list of must-haves and is therefore mandatory. If there are fewer people in the office, a break room is not a must – but there must still be appropriate places that are suitable for taking a break.

Whether it’s a break room or “break corner” – you need enough chairs with backrests and the right number of tables. It must also be ensured that the employees can cool or heat up the food they have brought with them. This means that devices such as refrigerators, microwaves, etc. also belong in every office.

In addition, break rooms must meet hygiene standards and create a pleasant atmosphere. That means: Sufficient lighting and ventilation are essential in the break room. With the Air cleaner, nothing stands in the way of fresh and clean room air. In addition, when setting up the break room, attention should also be paid to adequate noise protection. After all, things can get loud and fun during the break, without the other colleagues in the office being distracted from their to-dos.

It’s that easy to make an inquiry and book a huddle room

You can easily make your request for a huddle room online at Here you select the city in which your meeting is to take place and briefly describe your general conditions. We will then start looking for a room that exactly suits your needs – we attach particular importance to a fast response time. Once a suitable room has been found, we just wait for your confirmation and you can start planning! You are also welcome to contact us by email or telephone. This way we can also clarify any open questions. We look forward to your inquiry!

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