BusinessWhy You Should Be Using A Travel Coffee Cup?

Why You Should Be Using A Travel Coffee Cup?


Reusable travel mugs are perfect for coffee lovers who want to save the planet. Enjoying your morning coffee without throwing away paper cups is a great way to live more sustainably.

Discarded coffee cups are causing problems for the environment. Have you ever wondered what happens if you throw away your disposable coffee cup? It doesn’t matter if it’s a paper or plastic cup. It will usually end up in a landfill or pollute our oceans. Not to mention the greenhouse gas emissions from plastic production and all the trees chopped down to make those disposable cups!

Fortunately, the solution is simple. A travel coffee cup. By using eco-friendly travel mugs, we can help avoid all these environmental problems.

If you are still not convinced, then in this article, we will cover our favourite reasons why you should pick up one now.


Paper coffee cups have a plastic lining which makes them hard to process for recycling. Some places, like Pret, have introduced recycling schemes for their cups, but you have to take the cup to a specific point. As a result, most of the paper coffee cups we throw away end up in landfill sites.

Reusable coffee cups, on the other hand, are created to last for years if used correctly and cared for. Most can be recycled when they eventually become damaged, and some are even made of recycled materials.


Paper disposable cups don’t have much insulation, so your hot drink will likely turn cold quickly, particularly during winter. Moreover, they don’t offer much protection for your hands when the drink is really hot. You often have to use paper holders, which add to the waste.

Picking up a reusable cup should help your drink stay hot for longer and keep your fingers from feeling hot.

However, not all cups are made equally. Some have better insulations, and others do not. Make sure you invest in a nicely insulated model by checking the reviews before you buy.


Many coffee shop chains, including Starbucks, Costa or Pret, offer discounts to customers who bring their own reusable coffee cups. If you’re someone who buys coffee to go almost every day, then it could save you a lot of money!

Not only the big chains are doing that. In fact, the majority of the coffee shops, whether they are small or big, offer discounts if you bring your own cup.


Do you hate it when your coffee spills? Yeah, us too! Fortunately, most reusable cups have a cover you can slide, preventing the liquid from escaping. Some of them are so great that they won’t spill or leak no matter what you are doing on your busy commute.


Remember when Starbucks was all the rage? A lot of people were buying it just for the iconic cup with the Starbucks logo. It was used as a statement piece.

Fortunately, travel mugs can do the same. Reusable cups can be used as an excellent and exciting fashion accessory. There are so many cups in different colours, prints or shapes that you will most definitely find something that suits your needs.

Reusable travel coffee cups are a great way to not only help save the planet but they’re also great for saving money. Moreover, the insulation benefits and the lesser possibility of spillage make them a great purchase, whether for you or as a gift.

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