BusinessWhy Business Centers and Startups Are a Perfect Match

Why Business Centers and Startups Are a Perfect Match


The first two to five years of a startup’s lifetime are the most crucial in determining its success. Approximately 10% of startups fail within the first year and about 70% of failed startups happen before their fifth birthday. A creative workspace is important for corporate growth and innovation—in fact, it is essential.

Since their growth is what’s really important, business centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi provide excellent possibilities for entrepreneurs. Operating out of a business center in Abu Dhabi or Dubai may be the best option for a startup for the reasons listed below:

  1. Flexibility

What is it about business hubs that appeals to entrepreneurs so much? Startups want flexibility, and business centers provide it. When they only require a desk but not a whole office, a business center in Dubai is the ideal choice. Some startups choose part-time employment but still require on-demand, pay-as-you-go employment in a professional setting. Renting by the day or the month allows a company to avoid paying for more than is actually required and is a very practical alternative. 

Another choice for entrepreneurs is to rent an office that is completely furnished and has custom solutions. For entrepreneurs who would want a dedicated area with 24/7 access, this can be tailored with a single straightforward package that includes all amenities. This arrangement offers the flexibility and convenience of an office to startups without the headache of management or lengthy obligations.

For those who want to work in a communal setting while on the go, plugging in and getting to work from any open seat in a hot desk area is also a great choice.

  1. Cost Effective

It can be expensive and time-consuming to rent an office. Rent, furnishings, utilities, and upkeep add up quickly. Startups seek out affordable and practical solutions by renting a serviced office in light of these costs and the time required to bring it all together. In the business hubs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, entrepreneurs can rent an office space that is instantly available for use and includes a wide choice of comprehensive services.

Startups may launch their businesses seamlessly and in attractive environments with the help of a serviced office, which gives them everything they need to get started straight away without incurring significant upfront fees. In a typical serviced office in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, everything is polished and properly furnished.

Startups can “Pay Per Desk” – When renting a leased office, you must pay for the space in addition to all the amenities needed to operate an office. In contrast, the space provided in a serviced office delivers workstations together with minimal amenities, which don’t add to your fixed monthly expenses. Additionally, furnishing an office may prove to be a cost that businesses can avoid. Thus, a significant amount of money, time, and effort is saved in the process. 

Although serviced offices have fixed business rates and utility costs, business centers typically offer employees that you may use for any ad hoc activities you may need help with. Anything from WIFI access, reception, and mail management all the way to support with company installations, conference rooms, and more!

  1. Simplicity of Obtaining Licenses (Sustainability, Tawtheeq, and Ejari)

Sustainable workplace development is a form of productivity growth that is crucial to making Dubai an attractive investment location.

Starting at AED 1,500 per month, you can rent a sustainable desk. The sustainability desk typically includes additional services like a shared receptionist, a meeting space, Wi-Fi, electricity, and chairs. A new initiative named “Sustainability Desk,” also known as Smart Desk, has been introduced by the Dubai Economic Department (DED). 

According to the new DED regulations, most commercial and professional activities can now rent reasonably priced workspaces that are known for their sustainability desks, with a minimum office space of 50 square feet. These choices are beneficial for new businesses in Dubai that want to issue such licenses or renew their licenses at reasonable rates inside of Dubai. Smart desks are a relatively affordable solution for startups, helping them in setting up an affordable, convenient co-working environment for mainland Licenses.

DED also offers various licenses for entrepreneurs, including those for general trading and consultancy. Entrepreneurs can avoid this hassle by using business centers taht offer office spaces in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to easily set up their businesses and obtain permits. Depending on the type of business, the business center will give you an Ejari contract or a general trading license (LLC/LLE) if you require a minimum of 200 square feet. If you just need a shared office and don’t actually need a physical place to operate your firm, the business center will provide you with an Estidama license.

For Abu Dhabi arrangements, each new rental agreement must be registered with Tawtheeq by adhering to all necessary steps whenever it is signed in Abu Dhabi. The business centers are often in charge of Tawtheeq registration, so you don’t need to worry about it.

  1. Business Expansion

A business center and startups work hand in hand since business centers also offer communities that have been designed to help businesses flourish. Business centers give companies a range of in-house services covering all business necessities, from legal work and accounting to PRO and HR, and they support entrepreneurs in terms of both infrastructure and skills. With this kind of assistance, entrepreneurs can concentrate on what really matters—putting their ideas into action.

  1. Excellent Facilities

Some business centers even provide private desks, which are ideal for people who require their own private area. What does it offer business owners? All amenities are provided, and all they have to do is plug in to start using them. Naturally, they have access to all of the business center’s amenities, and entrepreneurs will remain a crucial and permanent component of the ecosystem.

There are even more advantages for startups in that they can use conference rooms, lounges, or meeting rooms for client meetings or video calls, not to mention WIFI and catering services.

  1. Co-working Options

Co-working is a popular option for entrepreneurs because it allows them to take advantage of specialized infrastructure and share office space with other individuals on a flexible schedule that can be tailored to their needs. The unique infrastructure that can be shared will be beneficial to creative sectors, freelancers, small start-ups, and businesses that are dependent on project work or hire a variety of contractors.

If you’re looking to rent a space that is convenient for you and your start-up, contact us at Fluidmeet, and we can assist you.

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