What Time Does the Market Open in FX?

If you are a beginner and don’t know much about the FX market, industry, and trading, then you must be interrogating yourself with many questions related to its timing, like “what time does the market open.” 

If it happens to you, you are at the perfect spot because their article is specially written for those who are new to FX trading and don’t know much about its timing.

The FX market is said to be the largest financial market worldwide that is operated through electronic devices and not manually. So, let’s see what time does the market open:

What Time Does the Market Open?

As we told you earlier, although it is the world’s largest financial market today, FX trading is still a complete digital market. As a trader or investor, you don’t need to be at a certain place to earn some profit physically. 

That is why the FX market is always open, which means that you can trade in FX 24 hours a day ( from 5 p.m. EST on Sunday until 4 p.m. EST on Friday). But still, there are some specific times that traders and brokers have decided on their ease of trading. 

Concept of 24 Hours Trading

You must be thinking that how a market can be open 24 hours a day because there must be a time when people sleep. If so, then before making any assumption, please read the below part thoroughly.

As we all know, FX trading is a market that deals with different countries globally, so we can say that it is always open in the whole world. Right?

The whole concept of FX market timing is stuck in this line: “FX market is always open in at least one country of the world and not every country.” 

This means that every country’s FX market opens and closes at different times. But the timing is set in a different order. When market timing in one country ends, another country’s market timing starts or has started before other countries’ timing ends. 

Or you can understand it from another perspective that at every time, at least one country’s FX market is open. Got it?  

Order of FX Market Timings

Obviously, FX market timing is not the same in every country, so what is the order of FX market opening. At first, the market opens in Australia and Eastern Asia (Japan and Korea). Then market moves to the left on the world map. Now, it moves to Southeast and South Asia. Then Central Asia and the Middle East. 

Then Europe and Africa’s FX trading market opens almost the same time because both continents have almost the same time zones. So at last, North, Central and South American comes. And that is how the FX trading market never stops and moves across the world. 


Now, you know why people say that you can trade in FX no matter where you are. This is because FX trading never stops. 

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