What is Commercial Painting and Decorating?

When thinking about painting and decorating, we automatically assume the service is for residential properties. However, commercial properties need decorating too, and now more than ever, when our workplaces are recognised as having significant effects on our health and wellbeing, do companies need to think about how they wish to present their space.

Commercial decorating could be covering a wide range of services. It is most likely that a company will need to hire a contractor that offers a full service, or a large range of services, for the best economic and time-efficient option. This can include painting, dry lining walls, joinery, tape and joining and even the installation of safety elements to ensure the premises is fit for purpose and follows all national safety regulations.

A commercial decorator or principal subcontractor will be able to carry out numerous tasks of varying service and will often bring with them a team of people specifically trained in their field. Good quality and well-known contractors will only provide high-quality servicemen to represent their brand. A great contractor for painting and decorating services will not only provide high quality tradesmen, but also be considerate to their environment, keeping your building in good quality condition, disposing of waste, and leaving a property in serviceable condition after the job is complete. A respectable team will also be considering the effect of their tools and materials on the environment, seeking to reduce waste and harmful chemicals to the environment and their bodily autonomy, as well as practising ethical business choices.

By choosing a high-quality painter and decorator for your commercial business, you are more likely to get a high standard finish to the property. Using an ethical company will also be an opportunity for good press and uphold your own companies’ ethical values.

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