What does it take to be a successful young entrepreneur?

Young Entrepreneurs are rising! Younger generations are increasingly fulfilling the aim of being their boss. No more bosses to impress or bend to, no more forced daily schedule, no more personal effort exploited by others. Entrepreneurs genuinely reap what they sow. You can manage your daily job routine – work/life balance as you like it!

Starting young pays off. Young individuals have less to lose when stepping into the business world, so taking a risk is appealing, especially given the possible rewards. Also, inexperience can be an asset — new business owners ask questions that others take for granted. Adapting to an ever-changing and growing world may be a unique approach to achieve.

What makes a young entrepreneur successful? They’ve developed a set of productive habits. Asking questions and assessing your progress is one. Another is to keep an open mind — a young mind is an open mind. Setting goals and working on them is another crucial habit of any entrepreneur. While this may be true for new projects and ideas, a regular plan can help you organize your daily life and overall success.

Now let’s look at a young entrepreneur we had the pleasure of interviewing.

Zafar Iqbal – An Inspiring Young Entrepreneur

Like many people, the decision of Zafar Iqbal to start a company for himself was inspired by the ambition to control his future and make his name worldwide. Zafar Iqbal is a young entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of The Webgenic, a firm he established with close friends during his bachelor’s degree. Zafar builds tailored SEO and marketing strategic planning for small- to medium-sized businesses and provides training and support teams for well-known multinational corporations.

Zafar Iqbal played a core role in designing and developing marketing methodologies for numerous firms as a SEO and Digital marketing consultant on Fiverr. The Webgenic swiftly grew in size and profitability. No other competition has even come close to matching it in terms of success. He splits his time between Pakistan and Turkey when he is not on the job. He is actively involved in the quality of work performed on client projects and manages multiple partner firms focused on healthcare in the United States.

What does it take to be a successful young entrepreneur?

Overcoming challenges

Zafar says it took a lot of hard work to create his company, including overcoming what he sees as discrimination against young people in the corporate sector.

“Reputation was a concern,” adds Iqbal, who began his entrepreneurial career at the age of 23. “Everything is influenced by age prejudice. It has an impact on your ability to recruit financing, competent staff, and reputable suppliers.”

To overcome the challenges, his advice to other young entrepreneurs is to create a strong network of contacts and seek the guidance of experienced business experts. “Get to know as many people as possible. Make contacts with key industry experts.”

Entrepreneurs are made, not born

“Entrepreneurs are made, not born,” said Zafar. “They become outstanding as a result of coaching and counselling, as well as opportunity and invention.”

“Experienced entrepreneurs have good days and bad days and have learnt to deal with them, which I believe is a significant problem for young entrepreneurs.That is why advisors are necessary,” he adds. “Successful young entrepreneurs develop strategies for learning from both the mistakes of others and their own.”

Be persistent

Fighting spirit is especially vital for young entrepreneurs striving to build a name for themselves with minimal resources.

Young entrepreneurs, on the other hand, frequently enjoy advantages over their more seasoned rivals. One advantage is that they often have fewer family responsibilities, giving them more opportunities to experiment and take chances.

They will also be more at ease with new technology platforms such as social media and will understand how to sell themselves and their enterprises using these tools effectively.

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