Top 6 sales enablement tech to help you grow your business

If you offer someone a task and give them a variety of resources to use and refer to while they work to finish it, it’s usually fairly safe to say they’ll complete it better than those who don’t have the benefit of using these resources.

Similarly, if you supply the necessary information to your sales team, such as tools, content, and so on, there is no doubt that they will generate more leads and conversions, ensuring a high level of revenue.

Now comes the question of how you can get this information to your sales and marketing teams. How can you ensure that they have all they require to generate income? The solution is straightforward! Sales Enablement

What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of continuously giving your sales staff the knowledge they require to close more transactions and generate money. This section contains resources such as training, content, access to the content library, webinars, and more. The primary purpose of making these tools available is to ensure that your sales and marketing teams have all they need to close as many deals as possible. You can check CLOSELY tool to automatic work with the audience in LinkedIn and increasing your sales.

Sales enablement strategy

A sales enablement strategy is a method used by your firm to provide sales with the resources they need to sell efficiently. This strategy is tailored to the specific requirements of your sales team, allowing them to better target their customers and close more deals. It should also include an assessment of the resources, tools, content, and information you provide sales to ensure that they are helping them convert more prospects into customers.

Why should a business use sales enablement?

Effective sales enablement has a big influence on revenue. Following a pitch, sales professionals are in charge of the customer experience, relevant content sharing, sales analytics, and reporting, data updating, and more as they progress through the sales funnel. Sales enablement solutions are vital to the successful completion of these critical sales duties.

Best sales enablement tools to increase your revenue

Here are some of the most popular and highly-reviewed sales enablement technologies for integrating workflows across sales and marketing departments, as well as arming your sales force with critical customer data and Key performance indicators.

1. LevelEleven

On a daily basis, it delivers real-time visibility into project performance. It works seamlessly with salespeople, allowing you to track any sales behavior on Salesforce and use that data to optimize your sales process.

2. Membrain

This platform provides a complete end-to-end sales enablement solution that assists your salespeople with sales process execution, training, content management, automation, and other capabilities to help them construct a productive and functional sales cycle and funnel.

3. Seismic

Seismic provides a consolidated area to manage all sales resources, information, and content with global version control and approval systems. It assists you in ensuring sales effectiveness by giving you access to critical information and personalized material for each buyer interaction.

4. Highspot

Thanks to its broad filtering options, Highspot’s Sales Content Management ensures that every solution or resource that sales professionals may seek is immediately accessible. Sales and marketing professionals can access information and email templates based on the characteristics of the lead record.

5. Showpad

Showpad is a content management sales enablement tool that assists salespeople in finding relevant content at the right time. With technology like Showpad, sales and marketing personnel can obtain relevant content recommendations based on marketing rules and machine learning.

6. Unboxed advisor

Unboxed Advisor is a sales enablement technology that saves time on training for large sales teams. It combines five sales enablement technologies into a single mobile platform that improves rep consistency, customer experience, and sales: interactive demonstrations, coached selling, resource library, easy account administration, and robust reporting.

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