Top 6 Rare Silver Dollar Coins For Avid Collectors

Coin collectors are always on the hunt for the next rare find. When it comes to silver, collectors are particularly interested in finding the rarest of the rare. As part of U.S. history, silver coins are collectors’ favorites for their sentiment and remembrance of American history.

Beyond the allure, collectors also enjoy collecting silver coins because they are less expensive than rare gold coins. Despite their rarity, silver coins frequently crop up in the market. The opportunity to add another offers a rush that’s worth the search.

If you are an avid coin collector, you might be familiar with the denominations of rare silver coins. In any case, brushing up on your knowledge may help you find the coins you’re after. As you continue your search, consider the following information on the top six rare silver dollars for serious collectors.

1. Morgan Rare Silver Dollars

Seven denominations make up rare U.S. silver coins, with the U.S. silver dollar being the most popular. One of the most collected coins today is the Morgan silver dollar. With three denominations gone, these rare silver dollars are a sought-after coin for avid collectors.

2. The Flowing Hair

This silver dollar, The Flowing Hair Silver Dollar, was the original design for U.S. Silver Dollars. The Flowing Hair was minted from 1794-1795. Many versions were created for these rare silver dollars, the final with “LIBERTY” at the top and the year minted below. Lady Liberty’s hair flowing in the wind is displayed on the obverse.

3. Rare Trade Dollar

Trade Dollars are rare silver dollars of international trade. The coin was issued to compete with other trade-based coins in East Asia. These silver dollars have a history of being demonetized and remonetized.

The front shows Lady Liberty sitting, offering up an olive branch and gesturing for peace. An eagle grasps olive branches and arrows on the back.

4. The Peace Dollar

The Peace Dollar was created to celebrate peace following war. The coin was introduced in December 1921. Liberty is on one side; on the other, a bald eagle sits on top of a cliff. The eagle is looking ahead. “PEACE” rests on the outline of the rim.

5. The Seated Liberty

The Seated Liberty rare silver dollars were introduced in 1836 and remained until 1839, following the 30-year break from producing silver dollar coins. Rather than an eagle soaring, a heraldic eagle represented the original Silver Eagle. Lady Liberty is seated with a shield.

6. The Draped Bust Dollar

From 1795-1803, the Draped Bust Silver Dollar was produced, composed of 89.2% silver and the rest copper, all based on The Coinage Act of 1792. Lady Liberty’s hair is tied back in this version of The Flowing Hair design.

Turn Back Time And Add To Your Collection

Collecting Silver Dollar coins has been a favorite pastime for decades. It is one of the first ways people learned to trace back history and perhaps, turn back time, if only for a moment.

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