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The Varied Aspects of Twitch – The Live Streaming Platform

Twitch is US-based and the world’s leading livestreaming platformfocused on gaming, music, creative content, and the broadcast of e-sport events.

This post will take you through the evolution of Twitch and its scope, why having large numbers of followers on Twitch can fetch substantial earnings, and finally how to get Twitch followers.

Evolution of Twitch and its Present Scope

If you have a passion for gaming and have developed expertise in this field, show your skills on Twitch and make money that you have only dreamed of so far. For that though, you have to have lots of followers, viewers, and chatters on your channel. Ninja, a streamer had around 14 million followers on Twitch in August 2019 and was earning seven figures in this period.

Twitch was founded in 2013 and soon after in 2014, was acquired by e-commerce giant Amazon. Since then, it has only been an uphill journey for Twitch. In 2015, the platform had about 100 million monthly views. In 2017, Twitch crossed the then leading medium for video gaming services, YouTube, and got the pole position in this segment. Currently, Twitch accounts for over 43% of the Internet gaming traffic in the world.

The last figures for Twitch are available for February 2020 and they are quite impressive. The platform had a massive 3 million monthly broadcasts, 1.5 million daily active users, and 1.4 million concurrent users. If you can have even the smallest of slices in this giant pie, your earnings in thousands of dollars areassured.

Why Should You Have Large Numbers of Followers

You can use the Twitch platform to your advantage if you know why you should get viewers for your channel and how to get Twitch followers. Both have to do with increased earnings and returns from various quarters.

One of the important reasons why you should have a massive following is that it acts as social proof of the authenticity of your channel and your high level of expertise and skillsets in gaming. It is also an endorsement that you offer value to visitors and chatters to your channel. More followers mean that you have a global audience since the followers will be from all corners of the world.

This is precisely why once you reach this stage and master the techniques of how to get Twitch followers,your earnings will rise too.

The main source of income will be the payments from top companies and leading brands who will want to take advantage of the reach your channel has worldwide to promote their products and services. It’s a win-win situation for both – the brands get access to a ready audience globally without much marketing effort and you getpaid handsomely once you have a huge following.

Secondly, the Twitch community is very supportive of new streamers and others who are their favorites due to the quality of gaming and content. If your many followers find that you are offering value on your channel they will reward you with tips, also called Twitch Bits, and donations. But to get donations you have to include a Donate button on the channel dashboard and also be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner. Donations can be received through third-party providers like PayPal and not directly on Twitch.

Finally, after you have built up a sizeable bank of followers you can sell specially created merchandise with a printed logo and message that are representative of your channel. Have simple and attractive items like T-shirts, coffee mugs, laptop covers, and anything else that takes your fancy, and keep them in a specially designed virtual storefront. Promote the storefront on your channel and watch your beautiful products flying off the virtual shelves.

How to Get Twitch Followers

There are two answers to your question about how to get Twitch followers.

One is the easier route where you buy Twitch followers and viewers. The other is organic growth that is quite tedious and time taking and it might take years before you have the required followers to make a major impact on your earnings.

Buying Twitch Followers and Viewers

There are specialized sites that provide Twitch channels with followers. These can be bought in any number, from 1,000 to even 1,00,000, depending on your sparable resources. What you should be careful about are the sites that offer fake followers and viewers. After some time, these fade away and you are left with poor numbers again.

Also, avoid sites that promise buildup of followers within a very short period. These are sites that use bots and automation to get followers, a practice that is banned on Twitch. You might lose your privileges on Twitch or be suspended if you use bots to grow your channel.

Finally, buy followers from channels that offer round-the-clock customer support. They will come to your help whenever needed and are always considered to be genuine and authentic.

Getting Twitch Followers Organically

Even though it is a slow process, growing organically is another way of how to get Twitch followers. One way to do so is to develop a niche market for your channel – through your gaming skills, providing entertainment, teaching how to play complex games, and more. With all the millions of channels on Twitch, this is one way to get noticed on Twitch and attract large numbers of followers.

If you are on Twitch, the only way to survive and grow to rake in dollars is to know how to get Twitch followers.

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