BusinessThe Pandemic and the Significance of Virtual Meetings for...

The Pandemic and the Significance of Virtual Meetings for Virtual Businesses Communication


With rise of the pandemic, small and large businesses have had to re-prioritize and restructure their business plans making a transition to virtual realm and virtual offices, allowing telecommunications to take hold. Due to the pandemic and its long-term unpredictable effects, businesses around the world are facing an anomalous test of resilience. Virtual communication has become a necessary tool to facilitate remote work especially that conducted from a virtual office. Because, companies anticipate the future needs of their employees, stakeholders and customers who remain an important part of a sustainable business model. And in order to coordinate the work of all these indispensable parts of business, virtual meetings become essential. And Asynchronous communication is a great method in this regard.

Following are some of the benefits of effective virtual communication to run a business smoothly:

Saving Travel Expenses— Being Cost-effective

Virtual offices are great in terms of cost effectiveness due to their ability to hold meetings remotely.

Learn more on Virtual Office: Cost Effectiveness the Biggest Advantage.

Meeting in a physical location has cost of travel, venues and time. Virtual meeting wipes out all these. Also due to pandemic there are restrictions on travel across the world. There is no need for spending hours in planning. You can onboard workers, add in other colleagues at a moment’s notice and brief your investors from your home desk. Once the meeting is over, you and your workers can easily return to your daily life duties. Conducting effective virtual meetings will prove profitable in the long run as it can save  significant amount of money and  time as compared to travel expenses which have costs and take much longer time.

Virtual Meetings Help in Record Keeping and Strategy Making

If you are a virtual business based in a virtual office, you may need to hold meetings with your coworkers. Being able to schedule shorter and effective virtual meetings increases productivity and employees efficiency. By using meeting tools, detailed notes can be created to compile a record for the ones who were unable to attend the meeting. You can also add this record to your communication strategy for another meeting and ask your team members to keep themselves updated on the latest developments for effective strategizing.

Providing Work Flexibility

More virtual meetings also means more employees can work from home. It provides the flexibility that is currently the chief requirement of every business. More than 55 percent of people who work from home during COVID-19 want to keep working online even after the restrictions are lifted, according to a Gallup study. Flexibility in the workplace can increase employee satisfaction and make communication easier in general. There are also other significant advantages of virtual meeting technology, such as video conferencing, which allows you to not only communicate face-to-face with other people, but also share screens. Shared virtual workspaces facilitate brainstorming and collaboration, and increase productivity and quality of work. Email and messaging don’t offer that kind of flexibility.

Elevating Communication and Exchange via Rich media tools

Unlike face-to-face meetings, where all the necessary documents must be prepared and collected in advance, virtual meetings allow participants to exchange information in any form and, above all, on the fly.  With the help of suitable tools, each participant, regardless of geographic location, can exchange various data in text format, as well as audio and video from their personal devices. The Whiteboard tool also allows users to print, draw, highlight, and share notes in areas of interest A simple press of a button and the entire meeting can be documented for future use and reference. Virtual communication tools provide the benefit of increasing openness and transparency, both internally and externally. In business meetings, tools like Zoom, Webex and Slack develop direct connection of workers with leadership or business owners. Virtual conference provides a wider area for better interaction with participants. Through this direct communication businesses can connect with their customers more personally through uploading video messages taken from their own homes directly onto social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Attracting Universal Talent

In virtual meetings the employees can make schedule and can participate from anywhere as distance can not hamper their working. Integrating more virtual meetings will not only assist in enhancing efficiency of your business communication strategy but also increase ease of implementation as it is possible with virtual meetings to work with remote workers living all over the world, providing insight and expertise that  may not be available in a real meeting. You can hire the best international talent through virtual office no matter where they are. Enlarging your employee range beyond your locality means access to more skillful, talented and experienced workers across the globe. Having such diverse attendees also allow for a wide range of opinions from across your business and sharing of information.

Virtual is the New Favorite

While the pandemic tests companies, communities and individuals in extreme ways and with unforeseen difficulties, it also introduces new ways of doing business and ultimately positions companies to better prepare for future crises. Within months, companies around the world were rapidly adapting, accepting, and learning from working in virtual environments. Organizations of all sizes have adopted virtual communication tools to make working remotely easier and redesigning their business continuity plans and long-term strategies from a new angle. Hence, it will not be wrong to say that virtual is the new normal and the new business favorite.

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