BusinessThe Importance of Corporate Awards


The Importance of Corporate Awards

Employees are the greatest asset to an organisation, and to keep them happy and sincere to the organisation is the fundamental duty of the management. Happy employees mean more productivity and progress of the organisation. In times of crisis and discomfort because of the external environment, the employees may lose motivation or think about leaving the organisation. Hence, it is important to keep them (staff) motivated. So, to keep your staff motivated and involved with the organisation, you need to make them feel recognised and valuable to the firm. And if they are working from home for more than fifty per cent of the time in a month, there will be more detachment from the management.

Motivation comes from giving appreciation and validating their hard work and dedication towards their job. And the best way to do that is to conduct a corporate awards function/event to present awards for the best performers. Awarding the deserving staff is a traditional thing many companies follow, and it won’t be so different to implement the same in your company.

There are plenty of reasons to implement an award function in your organisation; they can be listed as follows:

Motivates the winners

The winners will feel that their efforts have paid off and will motivate them to continue the hard work and dedication towards their job.

The awards will let them know how much they mean to the company. Finally, the staff can remember the appreciation from the management every time s/he sees the award sitting on the shelf of their home.

An inspiration to the other staff

The regular awarding of the best employee will create a competitive feeling in the management. And everyone will strive to be like the winner and be the receiver of the award the following year. This friendly competition will help the staff improve their skills and achieve the goals successfully, which is beneficial for the organisation.

Shows importance of skill development and hard work

Awarding the employees with the best skills or achievements will create a benchmark for others to follow and cross it the next time. It will create an atmosphere where everyone strives to learn new skills and work in tandem with colleagues to understand the different aspects of the project.

Establishes quality work

The corporate awards function will be attended by the employees’ family members, clients, media, and several important delegates. This will be a message that your company values quality work, and employees strive to improve themselves every day. You can also invite your clients and let them analyse the management’s strengths, skills, and discipline.

These awards will be reflecting the company’s success in developing the staff to a higher level and offering excellent service to the clients. It will work as an advertisement for the company without extra expenses and media stunts. This will be an organic way to show the success and development of the organisation to the public as well. You can contact the newspapers or other media to cover this event and inform the public about the recent development in the company.

What more can management achieve by conducting a corporate awards ceremony. Ensure that the awards are handed over to the deserving person or team; otherwise, the whole plan will be a flop. Without proper execution and timing, the award function cannot go well; hence, plan everything while keeping these vital points in mind.

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