BusinessThe Best Voice Assistants for 2022


The Best Voice Assistants for 2022

The world of voice assistants is changing rapidly, but the best ones should be able to answer and recognize your questions very clearly, help you in completing tasks, and further allow you to have access to services like home automation features without any hindrance.

There are three major voice assistants – Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri. When trying to find the best voice assistants, there’s quite a bit of research that has to be done, and we understand that it gets overwhelming.

That is why we have decided to share in-depth about all three voice assistants so you have a better understanding of them before you purchase one.

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How to Choose the Best Voice Assistant?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best voice assistant:

General Knowledge

Whether you want the recipe for fudgy brownies or the release date for the most-awaited Netflix series, a good voice assistant should have the capability to provide not only the correct but an informative answer.

The more advanced the technology is, the more you can rely on it recognizing and answering your questions. General requests are one of the main uses for a voice assistant and a smart device as well.

Therefore, the best voice assistant should be able to provide high-quality and straightforward answers with an informative context if presented with a more complex question.

Task Completion

Apart from general knowledge, voice assistants also have the ability to complete a good amount of tasks. Tasks such as getting directions, checking the weather, looking up restaurants, or setting up an alarm, are all doable for the best voice assistant.

It should not matter what your request is, because the best voice assistant ought to complete the task on its very first attempt.


Voice application is not that different from phone applications as it allows the voice assistant to perform specific tasks and even offer custom services. In fact, granting your voice assistant with newer abilities via applications makes it capable to enhance itself.

Home Automation

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of having a voice assistant, as it can integrate with other home automation services like a home security camera or a smart thermostat. Voice assistant that is more compatible with home automation devices will offer better control over your home, especially since you can manage it remotely.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is very much capable of answering general questions and further performing tasks like creating a calendar reminder or providing a news briefing. This voice assistant not too recently introduced a follow-up mode in which the user can give multiple commands to the voice assistant.

Moreover, Amazon Alexa is the most compatible voice assistant when it comes to integrating other smart home devices such as the Ring Video Doorbell Camera and the Philips Hue Lights. However, unlike Google Assistant and Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa is not pre-installed in smartphone. You will have to download the Amazon Alexa app, but it still isn’t as smooth as activating Google Assistant and Siri.

Google Assistant

In all honesty, when it comes to answering questions perfectly, Google Assistant wins. It has always outperformed Alexa and Sir when it comes to recognizing and responding correctly to questions. Moreover, if you also have a Google smart speaker, Google Assistant has eh ability to understand two commands at once.

However, when it comes to home automation compatibility, Google Assistant falls behind Amazon Alexa. Google Assistant is much more compatible with Google brands, so if you want a Google Assistant home automation, it’s best to have Google smart devices.

Apple Siri

When it comes to choosing a voice assistant, it’s smart to consider the brands and devices you use, and the technological ecosystem of your home. If you’re a loyal Apple user, it might make more sense to choose Siri-enables smart products.

Siri works well with those smart devices that are compatible with Apple’s home automation services and the Apple HomeKit. The biggest advantage of opting for Siri is its ability to understand multiple languages. However, the level of integration is still quite limited. In fact, its biggest drawback is that it doesn’t have many voice applications.

Other smart devices aren’t too compatible with Apple’s Siri.


Voice assistants are actually fun and convenient to use as it helps you in completing your day-to-day tasks. We prefer Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa over Apple Siri due to it being user-friendly and compatible when it comes to home automation.

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