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National Floors Direct Looks at Popular Commercial Flooring Options and How to Choose the Suitable Material 

National Floors Direct Reviews comment on the wide variety of commercial flooring options offered, but often prospective customers have trouble deciding which flooring is best for their commercial space. Commercial floors have a high traffic volume, so they must be durable and safe.

These flooring options should also add a professional appearance to the business, yet they must be suited to the company’s budget. Finally, when choosing a material for commercial flooring, the owner has to weigh how to keep the floors clean and well-maintained.

Popular Commercial Flooring Options From National Floors Direct

A low-maintenance luxury vinyl tile (LVT)

National Floors Direct commercial customers remark on how easy it is to maintain the pristine look of luxury vinyl tile. Not only that, this high-performing commercial flooring material is extremely durable and comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors and subtle patterns. This type of vinyl flooring is engineered for an extended life-cycle and is often considered one of the best-value materials in National Floors Direct Reviews.

Choose luxury vinyl flooring for high-traffic areas, open office spaces, retail, and restaurants. Also, consider LVT flooring for commercial kitchens and bathrooms due to the material’s water- and stain-resistant properties.

Sound-dampening commercial carpet

Lobbies, corporate offices, boutiques, bookstores, banks, and many other businesses prefer commercial carpeting to enhance sound and dampen noise. Commercial carpet and laminate flooring from National Floors Direct with padding is preferred because it adds a soft look and feels in contrast to most commercial interior finishes.

Commercial carpet also keeps rooms warmer during winter months. Modern carpet for businesses is more durable and stain-resistant than traditional carpet. And you can expect to get many years of service from quality commercial carpeting today.

When buying commercial carpet, match the pile thickness and the weight of the carpet pile per square yard with the amount of traffic or the type of clientele in the installation area.

Professional-looking commercial hardwood flooring

It’s hard to beat the beauty and resilience of commercial hardwood flooring, according to National Floors Direct reviews. The variety of profiles includes solid wood, engineered wood, and synthetic with realistic wood grain patterns. Engineered hardwood floors for commercial spaces are elegant and highly durable.

These flooring materials are preferred in National Floors Direct Reviews over solid wood because you never have to worry about high maintenance. Instead, commercial hardwood flooring can accommodate heavy foot traffic and resist scratches and dents. Even industrial environments can be given an upscale look with a commercial hardwood flooring installation.

Consider commercial hardwood flooring for lobbies, conference rooms, offices, hotels, places of worship, restaurants, and retail spaces.

National Floors Direct is ready to help you choose the right commercial flooring for your business. We offer commercial flooring installations, free premium padding, and free measuring and layout, no matter how large or small your commercial space may be. We carry a large selection of commercial flooring materials to fit every budget and every type of business.

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