BusinessMarketing Strategies for Health Insurers


Marketing Strategies for Health Insurers

Marketing health insurance can be a tricky affair. It takes a lot of commitment and drive to nurture leads and ultimately expand your client base. Given the level of competition in the health insurance market, consumers have options. To choose you, they need to know you and be convinced that your brand will solve their needs.

One thing is for sure: Your marketing success as a health insurer boils down to how well you implement the specifics of health insurance marketing. At some point, you’ll need additional support from health insurance digital marketing experts to help you capitalise on digital opportunities, identify what’s missing in your marketing approaches, and ensure your strategies are as effective as possible.


Have a Referral Reward Programme


Health insurance businesses thrive on referrals. A potential client interested in your insurance cover will trust recommendations from someone they know. If you’ve been hesitant to ask your current policyholders for referrals because you don’t want to a be bother, then it’s time to do things differently.


Offer attractive rewards to your existing customers for every new client they send your way. The rewards can be anything from a discount on their policy to a free ticket to an industry-specific event or a gift card — you name it. Your current clients will be willing to do you a favour when they know they’ll benefit. 


Use Humour to Market Your Insurance Plans


Let’s face it: To many people, insurance is anything but a “fun” subject matter. Most consumers are yet to fully grasp how the health insurance landscape works. Understanding the different insurance options may be hard for those willing to purchase a plan but have instead put their decision on hold because of how technical the information is.


To save them this headache, make humour an integral element of your online marketing messages. Using humour to make the most complicated details easy to understand will make your brand more memorable to prospects (including potential millennial clients), enable you to strike meaningful conversations with them, and increase interest in your insurance offerings.


Hold Live Videos Regularly on Your Social Platforms


Live videos provide the perfect opportunity for you to put a face behind your health insurance brand. Live videos can help you convert prospects into actual customers and strengthen your brand’s online presence as people share your videos. For these live videos, you can:


       Hold Q&A sessions with your followers


       Share beginner tips on topics such as “what to consider when choosing a health insurance policy”


       Have health insurance industry experts join your live sessions


Publish High-Quality and Optimised Health Insurance Content


Most of your potential clients understand health insurance on the surface level. Every day, they surf the web to find valuable and detailed answers to their health-insurance related questions. Prioritise creating regular, helpful blog content based on the keywords prospective clients use to search for answers online.


Add infographics to make your content appealing and simpler to understand. When you optimise your content, the chances of a wide audience finding your website will be higher. The more people read your content, the more reliable you’ll appear as a health insurer.


Don’t Underestimate the Power of Networking


To get your brand name out there, you need to be out there. Take part in industry events and conferences where you can showcase your expertise in the health insurance field.


Sponsor charity and community events, as this will help you shape a positive perception of your brand. Through networking, you will be presenting your brand to people who may end up being your clients.


Leverage Video Marketing to Create Engaging Brand-Related Videos


Video marketing is a must-use strategy for health insurers. Publishing visual-rich videos on your website and promoting them through various marketing channels will improve your brand’s online visibility.


Here are some fantastic video ideas you can consider:


       Client testimonials about how your health insurance plans have made their lives better


       A virtual tour of your premises and insurance team


       Promotional content about your health insurance offerings and how they work


Use Google and Social Media Ads to Advertise Your Brand


Investing in social media and Google ads is a great way to get your brand noticed by people interested in purchasing health insurance policies. When you run effective ad campaigns, you’re assured they’ll put your brand right in front of a wide targeted audience.


Produce Podcasts to Connect With a Broad Audience


Podcasting is a great way to make potential clients see you as an authority in the health insurance space. You can reach a targeted audience by sharing informative and engaging insights about your industry. If building a podcast from scratch seems like a daunting task, appearing on other podcasts can do the magic, too.

It will only be a matter of time before you start dealing with endless inquiries about your insurance plans. (Insert after this in new paragraph) If you do decide you’d like to start your own podcast, visit Melon has free services that’ll have your podcast up and running in no time!

Let Your Website Do the Talking

For prospects who want to know more about you and what insurance plans are in store for them, the first thing they’ll probably do is head over to your website. They’ll be interested in committing to your brand if they’re impressed with what they see. Prospective clients are less likely to move onto your competitor’s site if you :


       Have an appealing website design


       Ensure your web pages have a fast loading speed


       Have your branding consistent throughout the site


       Make navigation on your site a seamless experience


       Ensure your site is responsive to mobile users


       Have reviews and testimonials from current policyholders on your site


Level up Your Health Insurance Marketing Game with Digital Marketing


What does all this mean for you as a health insurer? You must go the extra mile to make potential policyholders trust and notice you. Settle in as we dive right into a few clever, tried-and-true marketing tactics that will take your insurance business to new heights.


A solid online presence makes the difference between a health insurance business that continues to expand its book of clients and one that struggles to attract them.

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