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Jon Mac Review – Is Store Formula a road to success or a complete disaster?

Jon Mac’s Store Formula claims to be the actual ‘formula’ for your eCommerce success. Does this dropshipping course has it? Here is a brief Jon Mac Review and more about his eCommerce course named Store Formula. I’ll cover the gist of what is the course and what Jon teaches his students here. 

Store Formula Course Overview: 

My Jon Mac Review is about the Store Formula, his eCommerce course for everyone. We often come across several online courses promising success in the online world amid the 9-5 work hustle. But Jon seems to be a business coach with a tweak to the traditional methods. But the question is, is your investment in the Store Formula worth it? Is Jon’s Commerce HQ better than Shopify? Go ahead to read the following Jon Mac review to find the answers for these. 

Introduction to Jon 

Jon is an internet marketer who claims to be a mentor, author, coach, and orator. He launched several eCommerce courses, platforms, etc., like Freedom Formula and Store Formula. Commerce HQ is co-founded by Jon and is an excellent alternative to the Shopify platform. Jon provides everyone enrolling in Store Formula with access to this platform. One can create up to 6 different eCommerce stores on Commerce HQ. 

Do you need a business coach in the first place? 

Before I head to what is course about, let’s first understand why we need one. Jon claims to provide actionable plans and sustained results. Well, it is indeed a sigh of relief that you find someone who is not into false hype! Jon has a decent number of subscribers on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc. Various dropshipping YouTubers and Instagrammers out there enjoy a lot more subscribers than Jon. So, we’ll need to look at the Store Formula overview to find the answer. 

What can you expect from the course? 

Store Formula is an online course from Jon based on eCommerce and dropshipping. It is a four-week course that helps people create their online store and run it successfully. The entire course is around 10 hours with different modules and tutorials. Jon presents High-Definition videos, transcripts, mp3 recordings, and a lot more as a part of the course. This course also gives you access to Jon’s Commerce HQ, an alternative to Shopify. 

Jon updates the course regularly and provides different methods to run your business. As mentioned above, you can build and maintain up to six different online stores through Jon’s platform. One thing that intrigued me into writing this Jon Mac review is its flexibility. This course is for everyone looking to build or develop their online businesses, irrespective of being from an eCommerce background or not. This course helps you build your online store right from the scratch. 

The course breakdown: 

The course comes with 53 different videos with a runtime of around ten hours. Jon divided the course into different modules covered in four weeks. 

Welcome – around 9 minutes 

Here, Jon introduces himself and walks you through the course. He says this course is meant for those starting from the roots and those with existing businesses too. Jon also talks about how the course works for his students. 

  • Week 1 – around 2 hours 40 minutes 

The first week of this course covers ten modules. Here, you’ll learn how to create your website using the Commerce HQ platform. But before that, Jon prepares you with the right mindset needed to sustain in the eCommerce world. I’d say that is pretty serious and yet rarely covered in other eCommerce courses. (this was my first reason for writing Jon Mac Review!) 

  • Week 2 – around 2 hours and 20 minutes 

In this week, you’ll how to find a potential product to run your business successfully. Jon often says that we’ll just need a single product for a store to reach the 6-figure income. He also says it’s best to go with the existing ones instead of inventing something and ending up as a disaster. Jon also provides unique software to analyze various Facebook ads to find the right product. You will also apply profit margin and pricing techniques to grab the right product. 

  • Week 3 – around 2 hours 

Jon discusses a lot about Facebook ads in the third week. Well, you will hardly find online courses emphasizing this area as much as Jon does. Jon claims to have cracked the algorithm through which Facebook ads work. He teaches how to create successful ad campaigns based on these methods. His ‘secret FB Ads formula’ gives you the depth of detailing, which is rarely found yet significantly needed in the present day. 

  • Week 4 – around 1 and a half hour 

Building an efficient team to run your business is as crucial as developing your store. Jon emphasizes this in the fourth week of Store Formula. He walks through the whole process of who to hire, where to find the right team, when to hire them, and how to interview them. Jon says you’ll need three teams – customer service, project management, and ad launch. He advises his students to hire people as soon as the sales kick start. 

Review Conclusion: 

Many reasons triggered me into writing Jon Mac Review. The best one is the constant updates made to the course. Jon changes the lessons based on the market trends and provides the latest information to his students. He covers everything needed for an online store from scratch. The step-by-step tutorials are sure to help everyone trying to build an online store. 

His Commerce HQ platform is indeed an excellent alternative to Shopify for creating an online store. Here, Jon covers everything from building your store, identifying your product, driving the sales, to launching successful ad campaigns. The entire course seemed well structured and kept me engaged for the entire duration. The exceptional one here is its limited occupancy. Jon only accepts limited students for every batch and doesn’t accept anyone until the current batch is well-versed with the course! 

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