Investing Ethically: Tips For Avoiding Greenwashing Companies

Greenwashing is an instance whereby a company claims to be conscious of their products’ environmental implications but is not. They do so only for marketing purposes, but the truth is that their products are not environmentally friendly, and there is no plan to guarantee environmental sustainability.

Many companies are involved in greenwashing even if they claim their products have genuine merits to the environment. And they do so by giving out biased facts to cover the implications.

It’s therefore very critical to pay keen attention to the products, irrespective of the manufacturers’ information. Avoiding greenwashing will help conserve our environment and prevent disasters such as adverse weather conditions.

Guidelines for Avoiding Greenwashing Investments

It Is Not Easy To Comprehend Their Claims About Their Environmental Friendliness.

In avoiding greenwashing, it is essential to include precise details of the specific ingredients that make up your product. For instance, by specifying the percentage composition of the units that constitute the product, it is more precise to state that your product is 70% corn oil than to say that it is just made of corn oil. It is also necessary to attach certifications of approval or any other verifiable document from a trusted third-party organization such as greenpeace or the world health organization.

No Comparison of the Product with a Similar Product from the Competitor

Making a direct comparison of your product and that of a competitor would help you justify your facts and create trust in customers. Comparison is a better way of avoiding greenwashing as it clarifies your claims to customers.

Facts about Environmental Conservation Do Not Back Up Their Efforts

It is good to give clear points that you are aware of the environmental damages that are happening around and the impacts caused on humans by such misconducts. For instance, one can demonstrate an explicit knowledge of the rising global temperatures, fossil fuel emissions, and prolonged droughts resulting from human failings to conserve our surroundings.

Most of Their Business Operations Are Not Clean

If you claim that your company is eco-friendly, it should be seen in all business operations models. From how the company deals with its waste disposal efforts to how the product reaches the consumers, it would be very ironic for a business that disposes untreated industrial wastes into rivers and claims they are environmentalists.

They Are Not Honest About Their Environmental Sustainability Efforts

As long as you would like to justify your brand’s sustainability efforts, it is not a good thing to whitewash your shortcomings to conserve the environment. Spotting those issues of the environment you have not resolved. But still, you can guarantee a solution in the future that will help avoid greenwashing and create confidence with customers because you admit your mistakes and create assurance for change.


The dealers of those products that are indeed green are delighted when marketing such products, and they spell out the differences between their products and those of competitors. Also, the benefits of their products are clearly stated.

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