BusinessImportant Features of Android MDM for business organisations

Important Features of Android MDM for business organisations


Many companies use android devices because they are cost-effective and affordable. Therefore, it is essential for companies to at least incorporate Android device management as it lets the IT administrators manage and protect android devices used by employees for official work.

Features of Android MDM

  1. Over-the-air deployment – it is one of the essential features of Android device management. Over-the-air deployment assists IT teams in streamlining policy applications in the air without physically handling the devices. It also helps them implement policies across devices, regardless of location, with minimal hassle.
  2. Unattended remote access and troubleshooting – app crashes, broken devices, and failed connections are some of the various technical issues that have to be managed by IT administrators. Unfortunately, conventional IT troubleshooting methods, including onsite appointments, emails, and phone calls, are expensive and inefficient for the employees, consumers, and companies.

IT administrators can quickly and proficiently solve issues an MDM software‘s unrestricted remote control feature. the administrators’ office.

  1. Large file transfer for multiple devices – bulk file transfer lets companies send many files to their fleet. Two-way file handover allows them to send or receive files between two devices. Companies must ensure data transfer is protected among Bulk action can also be time-efficient with device enrollment.
  2. Kiosk mode: Lockdown operated devices in the field – kiosk mode is a mechanism that lets companies lockdown devices. It enables them to set particular apps and restrictions on their remote devices. Kiosk mode ensures that users cannot use the devices for any other purpose except for their intended use.

Companies can determine the settings, apps, or websites. Kiosk mode protects and limits mobile device use, ensuring that employees are productive. Retail businesses apply Kiosk Mode on devices to improve their customers’ shopping experience. Many digital signage kiosks are used in commercial areas such as malls and department stores.

  1. Geofence location tracking service – geofencing helps transportation companies locate and track their truck drivers’ Android and other mobile devices. Geofencing and location tracking involve the enforcement of virtual boundaries to physical locations. Every time devices enter or exit a geofence. An alert can be triggered, easing IT productivity.
  2. Remote lock and remote wipe devices for improved security – MDM software must always secure devices against data breaches. For instance, if companies deploy several unattended devices in the field, they must be able to remotely lock their Android devices and erase sensitive company data on the lost or stolen devices. Mobile devices can leak confidential information that may risk the company’s reputation. Companies must also ensure that device management for Android does not cause stress and increase their employees’ workload on a technical level.


Companies must take complete responsibility for providing up-to-date technology for customers and employees while securing their confidential information. With an Android device management tool, companies don’t require a large budget for network administrators and the IT security team. Moreover, implementing strategic enterprise mobility management with the correct MDM software can save operational costs and increase revenue.

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