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How you can maintain your dakimakura body pillow and make it last longer 


A body pillow called a dakimakura is often seen in anime. It is a large pillow that is designed to look like a person, usually a girl, and is used as a decoration . They are usually made of soft materials like plush, and you can buy them online or at anime conventions, among other places. 

How to store your Dakimakura Body Pillow 

In a pillowcase 

To keep your custom Dakimakura body pillow clean and dust-free, you should keep it in a pillowcase. You can also protect your pillow from wear and tear with a pillowcase. Here are some tips for keeping a pillow in a pillowcase in good shape: 

  1. Use a pillowcase that is made of breathable fabric such as cotton. 
  2. Always wash your pillowcase. 
  3. Check to see if your pillowcase is ripped or torn in any way. 
  4. If your pillowcase is worn out, get a new one. 
  5. Put your pillow somewhere cool and dry. 

In a plastic bag 

It’s important to take care of your Dakimakura body pillow so it lasts a long time and keeps looking great. Here are some ways to keep your Dakimakura body pillow in good shape: 

-When you’re not using your Dakimakura body pillow, put it in a plastic bag. It will stay clean and free of dust if you do this. 

-Make sure to fluff it up often when you do use it. This will keep it from losing its shape and flattening out. 

-Avoid putting your Dakimakura body pillow in the washing machine. Instead, use a damp cloth to clean it when you need to. 

In a sealed container 

When you’re not using your dakimakura body pillow, it’s important to keep it in a sealed container. This will help keep it clean and free of allergens like dust and pollen that could make you or your family sick. If you don’t have a pillow case, make sure to fluff the pillow often so it doesn’t get lumpy. 

How to clean your Dakimakura Body Pillow 

Use a mild detergent 

To keep your custom dakimakura body pillow looking and feeling its best, you should clean it the right way. Here are some ways to do that: 

  1. Don’t use harsh chemicals or cleaners on the fabric because they can damage it or make it fade. 
  2. Make sure to rinse the pillowcase well after washing it to get rid of any detergent left behind. 
  3. Hang the pillowcase up to dry or put it in a low-heat dryer. The pillowcase should not be ironed. 
  4. Put the pillowcase somewhere cool and dry. Don’t let the fabric get too much direct sunlight or heat, as this can damage it. 

Use a lint roller 

This is probably the easiest thing you can do to keep your pillow clean. To get rid of dust or dirt, just roll the lint roller over the pillow’s surface. If you need to, clean the spots. You can use a damp cloth to clean any dirty spots on the pillow. Make sure to test the cloth on a small part of the pillow first to make sure it won’t hurt the fabric. 

Why custom dakimakura body pillow from Vograce brand is easy to maintain 

Vograce is a great place to get a custom-made dakimakura body pillow. Their pillows are easy to take care of and come in many different styles. Vograce is a  company that makes custom body pillows called dakimakura. You can choose from a lot of different designs, so you’re sure to find one that you like. Also, their pillows are easy to keep clean. You can just use a damp cloth to clean them where they need it. 

The fact that Vograce pillows are made of high-quality materials is one of their best features. The cover is made of 100% cotton, and the inside is a mix of cotton and polyester. Because of this, the pillow is very soft and comfortable. 

Another great thing about Vograce is that their pillows are very affordable. Vograce is a great place to get a custom-made dakimakura body pillow. Their pillows are easy to take care of and come in many different styles. 


By following the care instructions that come with your dakimakura body pillow, you can make sure it will last for many years. You can also protect your pillow from dirt, dust, and other things that could hurt it by putting it in a pillowcase. With the right care, your dakimakura body pillow will keep you comfortable and relaxed for many years. Thank you for reading!

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