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How To Perform Cross Browser Testing On An iphone ipad or Android Device

We are living in a magical era of technology. We can shop, transfer money, or order food from the comfort of our homes. The main equipment to do all these is the “web application”. The web application acts as an intermediate between the user and the company.

Picture a scenario where you have an iPhone and your friend has an android based phone. Your university just declared your semester result. You both are trying to access the website and your results pop-ups. All the checkboxes, the images, and the alignment of the website on your device are working fine.  But when it comes to your friend, the checkboxes are not working, images are out of proportion and the alignment of the website is poor. Not just your friend but all other students who own an android device are facing the same issue. Why? This is because the website has not been tested on android. The developer has certainly missed Cross-browser testing. Because of this snag, the website is losing a lot of users.

Various browsers are available in the market. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser are a few popular ones. A newly designed web application needs to be tested on all these browsers as a user can reach the website from any browser. In addition, all these browsers have different versions and it is not guaranteed that all the end-users will have the latest version installed. Hence, testing the website on all the versions becomes necessary.

There are majorly two ways through which we can perform cross-browser testing. The first approach is the manual approach and another one is by using an online tool for testing. Manually, if we try to perform tests on all these browsers and their versions, it will consume a lot of time, money, and effort. To overcome all these barriers, we can go for an online testing tool such as LT Browser. It will cut down the cost, reduce your efforts, and will save your time.

Let us now try to learn how we can perform cross-browser testing on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones using LT Browser. Before starting let us go through the concept of cross-browser testing, how to perform, and why it is important to perform? Keep on reading to find out the answer.

What is cross-browser testing?

Cross-browser testing helps the developers to understand how their web applications will look on different browsers and devices. It is a process of testing a website so that it renders perfectly on various browsers, viewports, or operating systems.

Your main concern should be to deliver the software or application as per the customers’ demands and expectations, irrespective of the browser they will use to access the web application. After all, the user is independent in choosing his favorite browser.

Why is it important to perform Cross-Browser Testing?

We perform cross-browser testing to make sure our website behaves consistently across all the devices, browser- OS combinations, and resolutions. The market for mobile devices is growing every day.

To stay ahead in the market everyone tries to come up with the best. Before releasing the product into the real world, we need to make sure that it is seen in the manner it was intended to. Furthermore, in every six to eight weeks duration, companies update their browsers. With the newer version, some users immediately update their browsers while some prefer not to and we need to consider all these types of customers. You do not want to lose your customer base.

User interface and user experience are two terms that play a very crucial role in the development of web applications. If your UI is clean and appealing, users will be drawn to your website. But if not, then not just you may fail to attract new users, your existing ones may also leave. Because the case is simple, if you are not providing them with a consistent and pleasing experience then someone else will. This is why it is highly important to perform cross-browser testing.

How to perform Cross-Browser Testing on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones?

To perform cross-browser testing we can use :

  1. Simulator
  2. Emulator
  3. Real device procurement
  4. LT Browser


A Simulator is a machine or a program used to imitate real-life situations. It is used to generate a virtual view of the test-case scenario. In other words, it simulates how an application or website would look on the device. Simulators are available for all the devices in the market but it is not recommended to use one. They use system’s resources and therefore are not a better option to get accurate results.


An emulator is a software that allows a (host) computer to behave like another computer (guest). It is the ability of the computer program to imitate the behavior of another computer program. In simple language, we can run applications on an emulator similar to running on an actual mobile device. But mobile emulators cannot completely imitate all the features. Factors such as battery consumption, GPS, sensors, gestures, etc don’t show the exact result. Emulators are slow, take time, and are expensive to use.

Real devices

Performing cross-browser testing using real device procurement is probably the best way out there but it can be a heavy dent on cost investment. For the process, we will need many devices on which we can have all the versions of all the browsers that are in use. Think of the amount of time that will be invested to do so. It is not a feasible option.

LT Browser by LambdaTest is the most feasible option of all the above-mentioned ones. Let us see how is it possible.

LT Browser

LT Browser lets you build, debug and test mobile websites. You just need to create your account and log in to LT Browser. You will land up on the main page where you can see the list of all the pre-installed mobile devices. Choose the one as per your need and preference.

In the above image, we can see the Lambdaest website from Galaxy Note 10 + (The android device)

Now let us take a look at the same website on iPad 6th generation.

You can test the website from the pre-installed set of devices and if your android or iPhone is not present in the list then you can create your own custom device resolution.

You can test the UI of your website on android and iPhone simultaneously with the side-by-side mobile view of the website. You can see in the below image the mirror interaction of the shopping site amazon on Galaxy Note 9 (on the left) and iPhone 11 Pro Max (towards the right).

You can also test on different network conditions from low to high network profiles. In case of any bug encounter, you can report and share the bug with your colleagues in just one click. With your favorite bug tracking tool like Jira, Trello, etc assign and share the bug with complete history and resolve it sooner.

LambdaTest provides a cross-browser testing cloud where you can perform automation and live interactive cross-browser testing on over 3000+ real browsers and operating systems. Using the LT Browser you can choose your preferred device and browser type from the given list. LambdaTest also provides a real-time testing environment that enables you to test the website on a real-time basis.


The very first thing that a user experience is the interface of your website. To make the first impression good it becomes essential to practice cross-browser testing as we do not know from where our targeted audience will come. This will also result in staying ahead of all your competitors. To perform cross-browser testing on an iPhone or Android device LT Browser is the tool that is easy to use and provides accurate results.

Do not confuse cross-browser testing with cross-platform testing which is to test the website under different operating systems like Windows, Linux, or Unix.

Lets us ponder the things that we need to keep in mind –

  • Your website should look consistent on all types of mobile devices.
  • All the bugs should be fixed at the lowest possible cost.
  • Customer satisfaction should be the topmost priority.

LT Browser keeps their customer happy and satisfied always. This is the reason it has been ranked as the 5th product of the day on Product Hunt. Also, it has been chosen as the high performer product of spring 2021.  So what are you waiting for? Download and try the LT browser today! Click here to download.

Thank you for reading the article. Please leave comments and suggestions, if any. We are excited to hear from you.

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