How to Get 2 Lakh Rupees Loan Urgently From Money View

The unprecedented need for money can show up at any point in time be it your educational expense, medical emergency, vacation, clearing up credit card dues, and the list goes on.

Many lenders provide 2 lakh personal loans, but that comes with a tremendous amount of paperwork, be it physical or online, making the procedure lengthy and exhausting. However, at money view, all the verification processes take place online with a completely hassle-free experience. This allows their client to borrow the required amount in less than 24 hours.

Being said, let’s look at the five simple steps you must follow in order to apply for the loan amount.

How to get 1 Lakh Loan or more from Money View

  • Check Eligibility

To know if you’re eligible to apply for the loan, you must register on the website of Money View and fill in all your personal details as per your PAN card. Once your CIBIL score is checked and you get a green signal, you can jump onto the next step.

Low CIBIL score? Worry not, Money View has its own credit assessment model, and you never know when you get lucky.

  • Select a Loan Plan

Based on the credit score that was calculated with the previously filled information, you will be displayed a maximum amount of loan that you can request from the lender. Once you have confirmed the amount, select the tenure of repayment depending on your convenience.

  • KYC and Income Verification

Know Your Client allows the lender to complete all the legal procedures related to the handover of the loan amount. The process takes place online and it hardly takes 10-15 minutes without any physical paperwork.

Complete your KYC by uploading all the required documents along with a selfie.

  • Loan Approval and Enabling Auto Debit

After your documents are verified, your loan request will be approved immediately and you have to enable auto-debit using net banking or debit card for easy repayment of EMIs.

Enabling auto-debit acts as an upper hand as you will never fail to pay any of your monthly installments, which otherwise would incur a penalty.

  • The Transfer

After the auto-debit is enabled, the borrower needs to sign a loan agreement and review all the specifications such as the amount, interest, tenure and other details. Once it’s reviewed and submitted, the loan amount will be transferred within 1 business day.

In Conclusion

A personal loan amount up to rupees 2 lakh is provided by many lenders these days. But getting the same amount transferred in a jiffy is an option only a few lenders like Money View provides. It understands its client’s moment of emergency and tries to make the process as quick as possible.

But even if you’re still doubtful as it might seem too easy or unrealistic, you can always check the reviews and ratings of the lender at Google Play Store or their website: (

Salaried or self-employed, loans made easy for everyone!

Go ahead, check your eligibility and fulfill the urgent need for a 2 lakh loan!

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