How To Find An SEO Expert?

SEO is the optimization of web pages for search engines, with this practice you get traffic that is directly directed to the desired website. So that it is finished to understand, with a good SEO strategy it is possible to appear among the first search pages of Google, Bing or another search engine, SEO tries to position a website and improve its classification in the search lists that already exist.

How To Learn SEO?

The best option when entering this interesting (but complex) world of intense changes is to look for a specialized SEO expert. Trying it on your own can be somewhat frustrating, since you will end up finding too much information that will be little contrasted, with techniques that do not work, “confusing” terms and strategies, and a long etcetera.

To hire an SEO specialist you must find a person who knows and does SEO, this is undoubtedly the most important thing, since they may know SEO but not know how to apply it to a website. It can happen to you, you can take countless courses, but your first page may not be the most optimal for positioning in search engines.

It seems somewhat complicated, but it is not, on this page you will find everything you need to start acquiring knowledge and be advised by specialists in the area.

What Services Does An SEO Expert Offer?

Once you let yourself be guided by an SEO expert everything will be much easier, you will acquire knowledge, and you will find more information than investigating on your own and most importantly, you will be able to start improving your website.


We are going to detail what are some of the functions of an SEO specialist and, above all, what are the basic aspects to be able to be an expert SEO Consultant.

Cover The User’s Search Intent

Search intent is the reason users conduct a search on Google (or other search engines). Understanding the search intent of users today is a complete success. There are many types of search, but the most important are the following:

  • Navigational search: Search that is carried out to find a specific web page or brand.
  • Transactional search: Search that is carried out to carry out a purchase.
  • Informational search: Search to contrast or find information about something.

In order to understand the user’s search intention, the SEO expert carries out a study on the specific topic or product, so that for Google to value and recommend the content, it must be valuable content, it must answer all the user’s questions.

If it is a transactional search and the user is looking for “the best microwave”, Google will show the web portals that have created optimal content and that answer the reader’s questions in the first positions.

Content Quality

SEO experts can advise to provide the best user experience. If you already have published content, don’t worry, they will also take care of improving low-quality content.

An SEO Consultant will ensure that the content is of quality and unique, as well as the incoming and internal links, the structure of the web and other details to take into

Identifying “bad” content is complicated, Google’s algorithm is constantly updated and what may be the best for your website today tomorrow may become something bad for Google. For this reason, it is important to be up to date with all the updates that are made and all the changes in the Google algorithm, no matter how small.

Website Optimization

To “like” Google, your website must be fast and compatible with mobile devices. Fast means that when the user clicks on your website, he should enter in a matter of a few seconds. If a user wants to perform a search from her mobile, your website has to cover that need, this is very important. The web has to be a safe place, if it does not convey trust and credibility, Google will not value it.


Google needs your website to be ideal, to provide security and confidence to the user, but to achieve this it is important to be up to date with its changes and receive continuous training on the subject.

If you are starting with your first website or the one you already have is not working, ask for advice from an expert SEO Consultant, who will carry out a complete analysis and tell you what the website is failing.

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