How Can WMS Help You in Improving Your Employee Productivity?

There are various benefits of using the RAD architecture in a Windows Server. From its base services feature, it provides various features that an enterprise can use. The following discussion highlights the main benefits of this architecture. With the proper implementation and configuration, you will be able to take full advantage of this technology in all your mobile, desktop and cloud apps.

Businesses can easily adapt to the latest technologies and platforms. If you plan to implement RAD in your enterprise, the earlier you make the migration, the better for your business as you will get the most out of the tool. To ensure the smooth adoption and integration, the earlier version of your enterprise rad platform needs to be converted into the latest version.

Apps functionality

Businesses that run on Windows Server can take full advantage of the Windows Apps functionality. You can create apps that run across multiple platforms with the help of the XML Web Services functionality. These apps are called “microservices”. They make the usage of the XML Web Services simple by exposing a single service that serves multiple purposes. It is very easy to use the Windows Apps functionality for all your mobile and desktop apps. So, if you are planning to upgrade your business model and move to the Windows Mobile 8 Enterprise Edition or Windows Phone 7, it will not be a problem at all. You can get more information from here Mendix vs outsystems vs wavemaker vs powerapps low code alternatives.

If your company uses the Windows Mobile application model, you will be pleased to know that the RAD platform has made it really easy for you to migrate from the older model to the new one. There are different modules available for your enterprise apps that enable easy migration. You just have to import the different modules and configure them according to the current structure of your business. You can easily create a new web portal if you want to. This way you will be able to increase your mobile productivity.

Mobile application development

The other benefit of using the RAD platform for your business is that it offers your mobile open-source rapid application development platform with a simplified process to create enterprise apps. Nowadays there are various technologies that enable easy creation of apps that run on Windows, Symbian, Blackberry platform, and other similar mobile platforms. However, these Java-based alternatives do not provide with the same level of ease when it comes to migrating your enterprise apps to a new platform.

On the other hand, the XML Web Services technology that is supported by the Windows Apps model provides with an entirely new level of support for rapid Legacy application modernization platform benefits for enterprises. This means that any kind of data and information can be easily transferred between the various systems without the need of any XML tags or codes. With the XML Web Services, you can easily transfer image files, text, audio files, videos, and corporate intranet content with the help of an interface that is designed specifically for such tasks. It will be easy for you to transfer any kind of content, regardless of what it is as long as it conforms to the W3C standards. Also, the W3C technologies allow for the safe transfer of data in a format that is safe to transfer through mobile devices.

Device management

When it comes to mobile device management, it is essential that all your employees and agents operating in different regions around the world are able to use a common data repository. The chief objective behind creating this common repository is to enable quick and easy synchronization and updating of information among all the different devices. This can be made possible only when you use a robust mobile device management platform. So, you need to make sure that you invest in the Best top code application development platform technology available in order to facilitate proper and smooth integration of your enterprise data store with the data provided by the in-house Microsoft RAD platform.


In addition to all these benefits, another important advantage of utilizing the WMS platform is that it can also help you in the creation of enterprise apps for mobile devices. If you have already created enterprise apps for mobile devices, you can simply migrate them to the new platform as well. This will further reduce costs and improve productivity. There is no need to purchase new software or hire new professionals for the purpose. Instead, all you need to do is make simple changes in the source code and incorporate the necessary changes in the existing apps.

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