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How can I get low-cost shipping for Nigeria from the U.S.?

Nigeria is the largest African eCommerce market in Africa according to the UN CTAD Report. It’s a great place for you to expand your online business presence on the continent.

Finding the lowest possible freight cost is key to shipping your product or service successfully into Nigeria. It can be a complex, challenging process due to security concerns and lack of infrastructure on the African continent but it’s one that many companies are taking advantage of as they seek new markets for their wares.


The cost of shipping to Nigeria is greatly influenced by many factors.

  • Distance
  • Time for delivery
  • Dimensions and weight of the package
  • Options for insurance to track and tracking
  • Import duties & taxes

When is the best time for you to receive the shipment in Nigeria?

When shipping to Nigeria, it is important to consider the duration of the transit. The country takes longer than others for goods to reach their destination; this increases costs and may cause delays in delivery times.

There are two factors that will affect the cost of shipping goods from the United States to Nigeria. The business you choose to ship your parcels through—and what delivery option they offer

For most shipping methods, delivering to Nigeria will take between 6 and 12 business days. If you choose an expedited method of delivery, the process may still take as long but with no guarantee that it will happen faster than usual.

Air freight International is our preferred method of shipping. It takes about 10-12 days for processing, but it costs less than $25 and includes tracking information. DHL eCommerce Packet Priority ($30 for the most significant dimension and weight) can also be used if your package needs to get there faster—for a higher cost!

DHL Express Worldwide is the most effective option, but it’s more expensive than $80. It only makes sense for packages weighing less than four pounds.

It’s always worth waiting for a cheaper shipping rate, no matter where an item is headed or what type of package it is. There’s a chance you’ll get lower-cost freight forwarding to Nigeria if you’re willing to wait longer for your package to arrive.

Transport to Nigeria Cost

Shipping to Nigeria may be slower and more expensive than shipping domestically.

  • The more a package weighs, the greater its shipping cost. Although lightweight packages may be shipped for less money under the parcels category, any size or shape can still be delivered at an affordable rate.
  • When you’re shipping an item that has a unique shape or size, it’s usually best to use the right kind of package—one made for specialized items.

Nigerian customs taxes & duties

All countries are subject to import tax and duty for all imports. Certain countries (such as the United States) do not collect these fees on certain goods. Use our free Tax and Duty Calculator Nigeria to determine whether you’ll be required to pay any customs duties on your shipment from another country into Nigeria.

Tips for reducing shipping costs

Shipping is an important part of any eCommerce business. You don’t just want low shipping costs – you need to understand the needs of your customers and make their experience as effortless as possible! Here are some ideas that will help you move Nigerian items cheaply and efficiently:

  1. If you are shipping fragile items, be sure to alert your courier. And if you are sending a fragile item, notify the delivery person before handing over the package—this can decrease shipping costs but will keep boxes from breaking during transit and being delivered in pieces.
  2. The variety of shipping options gives customers many ways to get their orders. They can choose the one most suitable for their needs, whether it is faster delivery, extra insurance, or a more affordable option like RORO shipping—whatever works best for them!
  3. It is important to weigh your packages accurately. You could be charged additional fees if you do not—the software will not be released until the weights are corrected.
  4. Before your first shipment, make sure you understand the requirements of customs in the country where you’ll be sending packages.
  5. There’s no easy way to track the cost and timing of shipments. But you can evaluate various couriers to find a good deal for both your customers and business—you might even find an excellent bargain or the cheapest option!
  6. To keep your customers informed about shipping costs and to offer them transparency regarding charges, it’s important that you estimate taxes and duties when calculating costs. This will allow you to maintain a competitive edge in the market.
  7. For eCommerce stores selling physical products, one of the most important parts of automated shipping is being able to see your actual shipping costs when you check out. Easyship does this for all its clients, helping increase sales during checkout by giving customers an accurate picture of delivery time and price.

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