BusinessGilad Krein talks about the podcasts trend and why...

Gilad Krein talks about the podcasts trend and why your online business should also have one


Business podcasts are used to share new products, company information, and other information. Gilad Krein, a business entrepreneur says that companies can benefit significantly from incorporating podcasts into its marketing plan.

Why starting a podcast for your online business, according to Gilad Krein?

The number of people who listen to podcasts is growing.

There is a high demand for podcasts, and it just seems to be on the rise. By 2024, eMarketer expects more than half a million monthly listeners to podcasts, up from 420 million this year. Podcasting is proving to be a popular platform for connecting with an audience and building a brand. Moreover, it is proving significant in flourishing your online business and creating exciting content in 2022.

Podcasts increase traffic to your online assets.

The benefits of podcasting for your business website are numerous. You can increase traffic to your site, spend longer on your site, and build backlinks, all of which contribute to Google’s ranking factors. The podcast is the ultimate way to engage your audience mentally and emotionally.

Showcases your expertise

With your podcast, you can talk about your industry as well as your unique expertise and passion. Having your podcast about something you are an expert in will help to establish you as an expert, and you will attract more customers. It is the best way to show your expertise in certain business-related aspects to your customers.

Opportunities for passive income

Getting started with podcasting will prove a lot of fun, Gilad Krein insures, and you’ll love it. Moreover, you may also be able to make some additional income for your business by publishing engaging episodes on a regular basis. As a result of its size, podcasting revenue is predicted to reach more than £500 million this year, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Keeping a consistent schedule can help you grow. As your podcast grows in popularity, you’ll have more opportunities to earn money through different means. There are various ways, such as sponsored content and affiliate marketing, which can be a source of your passive income through podcasting.

It helps you establish your brand’s personality.

In addition to promoting your products and services, podcasts give your audience an opportunity to learn more about them. You will be able to increase your business as your audience gets more familiar with your brand name and message.

Build intimate relationships with customers

In addition to engaging your audience in different ways, podcasts are great ways to connect. You can also tell them about the great deals, contests, and promotions you have going on. And the successful way to do this is by directing them to your website, social media pages, and more. Their loyalty to a brand increases as they become more engaged.

How to start a podcast according to Gilad Krein

Equipment – what do you need?

Creating a professional podcast does not require a fancy studio. A microphone is one of the essential pieces of equipment that you will need. There are two types of microphones. You can choose a USB microphone for ease of setup or an XLR microphone for more control.

You may want to consider adding the following equipment to your microphone once you’ve sorted it out:

  • A microphone stand
  • A camera (if you also want to record video)
  • Lighting
  • A pop filter
  • An audio mixer and audio interface

Studio / place

According to Gilad Krein. It is not necessary to make an expensive and fancy studio for the podcast, especially if your online business is still growing. If you’re starting a podcast, you don’t need those setups. But if you are already in production, they will prove helpful. Despite the importance of a high-quality podcast studio setup, we do not recommend waiting to start your podcast. You cannot sit still until you have the time and money to build one. You should begin recording episodes as soon as possible. It is easier to build a fan base if you know what makes a successful episode.

Content – plan.

After arranging all the necessary tools for the podcast, the other important step is to create your content. Before starting your podcast, you must dig deep into the topics you are an expert at. You are required to transfer the best information to your audience to engage them properly with you. So, before moving to the next step of recording, you must plan the whole situation ahead. Your topic should contain the average length and information for the audience to keep them engaged. You must create a list of the topics you want to discuss instead of just talking aimlessly.

Collaborate with other brands/experts

If you are not feeling very comfortable or confident in starting your podcast, you can also seek some help. Sometimes people cannot begin to podcast as they are too busy with their work. If that is the case, you can invite another expert to share your burden during the podcast. It is the best way to manage the whole thing without making any fuss.

Gilad Krein offers some tips and ideas for starting podcasts for online business

Build long-term plan

Long-term planning can help in creating a better version of your podcast. Moreover, through the long and detailed plan, you will be able to track each step. Gilad Krein says that It is critical to analyze the metrics of your podcast, And examine how to make the production process even more efficient if you want it to be a success.

Check your analytics for information about downloads and audience demographics. And it’s important to know when and where your listeners are active, as well as other methods of engagement. This can be a very helpful indication of how effectively your podcast is doing. It also gives you suggestions on how to tailor it to your listeners more effectively.

Most important – Consistency

Consistency is the most important aspect of building a community. You need to remain consistent and should upload your data regularly. Most people lose their interest or get busy with different things and do not update their podcast data. It is not recommended to hang your viewers or customers in between without informing them. Consistency is a vital part of a successful podcast.

Choose name, format, and style.

  • An appealing name should be chosen to describe your topic and target audience. It is possible to do it in a couple of ways to find the perfect name for your podcast. Make sure the title is self-explanatory and descriptive. It would help if you had a name that listeners who are looking for your topic could instantly recognize.
  • Some of the most commonly heard podcast formats include solo shows, co-hosted podcasts, and interviews. No matter the format you choose, what matters most is finding one that is well-suited to conveying your message.
  • An engaging, conversational style with targeted content is the key to a successful podcast. Try your best to be authentic. Essentially use the same tone and words you usually use in a conversation with a close friend. Listeners get to know podcasters through successful podcasts.

Host guests

Guest appearances on another’s podcast can offer similar advantages as launching your own program. However, you are not required to do anything special other than show up for the interview. The benefits of being a guest on another podcast are numerous. It includes sharing your expertise and taking advantage of the long-form format to reach an audience you’ve never reached before. It will also allow you to gain authority in your field. Gilad Krein says that for some businesses, this may be the fastest way to grow. Despite not being able to connect with your own audience consistently, you’ll be exposed to a new audience of potential clients.

Give value

For your podcast to succeed, you must have a plan and system. Developing an audience doesn’t have to be difficult, but you must be consistent and committed. Your content may need to be shared via social media, a blog, or a website. You need to devote time and attention to managing all these platforms. You can achieve success and promote your online business by giving the proper value and attention to your podcast.

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