“Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display – A Complete Guide”

Nowadays LED displays are being used almost everywhere by everyone. LED displays provide outstanding image quality. LED displays are available in many shapes, resolutions and sizes. One can buy an LED display of any size according to his/her need. As the technology evolving many new types of LED displays are being manufactured by manufacturing companies and LED display suppliers. Each type of LED display has its specs and uses. Some LED displays are suitable for indoor and some are suitable for outdoor while some are suitable for both indoor and outdoor. 

Fine pixel pitch is also a type of LED display. To understand the design and structure of this LED display we have to go through some basic points.

  • Pixel – What It Is?

In simple words, a pixel is a small dot or square that contributes itself to making an image on your computer screen or LED display. More the pixels, the more the enhancement you get in your image quality. Your LED display has thousands of pixels. Each pixel is made up of three LEDs( Red, Green and Blue). These three LEDs are called sub-pixels as they make up a single pixel. Within a pixel, these three sub-pixels intermix in different ways to produce a new colour. Because these three colours (RGB) are the primary colours and they can produce other colours by mixing in different ratios. Each pixel has a specific and single colour. Thousands of pixels are found in your displays.

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  • Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch is defined as the distance between the centres of two adjacent pixels. This is a method to measure the distance between two pixels. Pixel pitch is a measure of the density of pixels in a display. Pixel pitch can also be defined as resolution. Lower the pixel pitch higher the resolution and higher the pixel density. The higher the pixel pitch, the lower the resolution. It means that pixel pitch is inversely proportional to the resolution of the display.

  • Fine Pixel Pitch

Fine pixel pitch means the pixel pitch that is up to 3mm only. Not greater than 3mm. Pixel pitch is measured in mm. It can be much lower than 0.9mm. This means that a user can stand extremely near the display and there will be no decrease in the resolution of the display. At present time LED displays are being manufactured with fine pixel pitch so that the user can get the most out of the display. If a user wants less distance then a fine pixel pitch LED display can provide that facility. Fine pixel pitch LED displays are being used a lot. 

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display:

Fine pixel pitch LED displays to have higher pixel density and higher resolution. Fine pixel pitch LED displays are much efficient as compared to the other types of LED displays. Fine pixel pitch LED displays are used in meeting or conference rooms, shopping malls, TV studios and hotel receptions, etc. Fine pitch LED displays provide much better quality when the viewer is sitting or standing near the display. There is no loss of resolution. Fine pitch LED displays are great devices. Fine pitch LED displays to have many uses and benefits. These LED displays can be used in restaurants to display your menu and services. In this way, customers will interact with you better. Other than this fine pitch LED displays can be used by advertising companies. 

Best Suppliers Of Fine Pitch LED Displays:

Fine pitch LED displays to have many benefits. These LED displays are available on different websites. If a person wants to buy an electronic device online, his or her first choice should be a trusted and reliable company. Because in online dealing a person has to decide and check the product by pictures or videos and if a supplier is not trusted the purchase can be a waste of money and time. 

Premteco provides the best services to their customers. Premteco is the most reliable supplier of fine pitch LED displays. Premteco manufactures fine pitch LED displays using great material. So that the product can last longer. Premteco has many customer feedbacks which can help a buyer to decide. 

Following are some salient features of the fine pitch LED display manufactured by Premteco:

  • It is cost-effective.
  • It is much lighter weight, so it can be transferred from one place to another very easily.
  • It has a very thin screen. This is a plus point because compact LED displays are getting famous nowadays.
  • It can be maintained very easily.
  • The installation process of this fine pitch LED display is easy and simple.

This LED display has an extraordinary performance. Click Fine Pitch LED Display to check out the best quality LED display manufactured by Premteco.

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