BusinessDiscover 5 Best Entertainment Part-Time Jobs (유흥알바) for College...

Discover 5 Best Entertainment Part-Time Jobs (유흥알바) for College Students in 2021


If you’ve ever encountered that experience of seeing or hearing something that sticks and resonates with you for the rest of your life? Maybe this is some scene in a movie or maybe that cultural conversation that turns into a chant or anything, maybe on a radio that you listen to it and it’s so attractive that you recite the same stuff over and over again even after weeks. 

The tv and media industry is enormous, with dozens of possibilities.  It’s really no surprise that people are fascinated by it.  All sorts of employment are available here, especially if you are a college student and want a (유흥알바) part-time entertainment-based job to be significant or little, foundational or professional. A few are full-time occupations that become extremely stressful, while some are part-time employment (유흥알바) that needs a certain expertise and skill base.

Here’s a list of entertainment part-time jobs (유흥알바) feasible for college students:

  • Script/Dialogue Writer of Daily Soaps:-

If you’re a college student, you must be gusted with the analytics of dramas, screenplays, short-duration movies, youtube videos or maybe television serials. This part-time entertainment job (유흥알바) is thrilling in terms of both- the salary and the joy of working. 

All you have to do is know English/Korean/other languages and a bit of creativity in your writing skills, maybe as per the Job provider’s demand and you will be good to go.

  • Anchor:-

With the demand and spread of various media and news channels, or even reality shows which need an anchor for hosting their shows, skilled anchors with good communications skills, attractive appearance etc., are needed heavily for part-time entertainment(유흥알바) jobs.

If you’re someone who can attract audiences with the guts in your voice, expressions, body language, this can even be a career option for you. Apart from the joy, you’ll receive by anchoring, you’ll also get decently paid to head on towards your career and flourish.

  • Radio Jockey:-

This is a part-time entertainment (유흥알바) profession that imparts an enchanting impression whenever taken into consideration. So if you are a good orator, speaker, or you have that charm in your voice, in your conversations, or simply you are an expressive reader, you can try your hand at various radio stations which hire fresher talents across the country. 

Put your natural voice at work as physical appearance does not count in this part-time entertainment (유흥알바) job and get paid enough to handle all your daily expenses. Gain experience and once you become expert enough, get this part-time entertainment (유흥알바) job turned into a full-time career.

  • Commentator:-

Do you watch sports? By any chance, are you a chatterbox? Are you confident enough to make commentaries in live shows, sports matches, or any reality show on television? All you have to do is give a running commentary of a show, broadcast, match, and things like that. If you think the job can fit you, your preferences and the extra income you want to gain, then give this field a try.


Part-time entertainment (유흥알바) jobs are one of those attractive fields that just add you to the society and social network and build up your personality for this spectacular industry to learn and grow and link you with something that you want for your life. Stay active and awesome and do whatever part-time entertainment (유흥알바) job suits you the best.

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