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Commercial Driver’s License training which is commonly known as (CDL  training). Commercial drivers license training is a specialized instructional program where the trainee can prepare them self to obtain a CDL, which is required for built a career as truck driver in the United States of America. During the initial training period trainees are instructed to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to pass a series of tests to obtain their CDL. After passing the written examinations the trainee obtains the learners permit. Which gives them the right to practice driving skills on public road under the supervision of a CDL licensed driver or instructor.

If you are thinking of joining CDL training courses in Chicago then you are in the right place. We are here for you 24/7. Bulldog Driving School Inc. is a well renounced CDL training school all over Chicago. If you are thinking to start a career as a Commercial drivers or a truck driver feel free to apply at Bulldog Driving School Inc. Or you can call us at (708)456-0007. If you are interested to visit our trucking school, then our address is 7711 W Belmont Ave Elmwood Park, IL 60707.

CDL Truck School

There are three types of CDL license according to the classifications. Which are class-A, class-B and class-C.

In class A the driver is capable of driving any formation of vehicles with a total (GVWR) of 26,001 or more pounds and the provided towed vehicle is heavier more than 10,000 pounds. The class-A vehicles are: Tractor-trailers, Truck and trailers combinations, Tank vehicles, Flatbeds etc.

In class B a commercial driver is capable of driving a single vehicle with a gross weight rating of 26,001 pounds or more, or tow a vehicle not heavier than 10,000 pounds. With a class b endorsement you may drive vehicles like Straight Trucks, Large passenger Bus, Segmented Buses, Box Trucks, Dump Trucks with small Trailers, Tractor-trailers.

Last but not least In class B a commercial driver is capable of driving  the vehicles designed to carry sixteen or more passengers (driver included), or  materials which are classified as hazardous (HazMat) under federal law. With this CDL you can drive Small HazMat vehicles, Passenger Vans and Combination vehicles which are not covered by classes A or B.

In Bulldog Driving School Inc. You can choose CDL license training according to your qualifications and needs.

Free CDL Schools:

According to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) at July 22,2014 sanctioned by President Barack Obama the U.S. Department of labor (DOL) will issue guideline on the time schedule for implementation of these charges and the regulations will be changed in WIOA soon after validate.

The cost for attending U.S. truck driver training school ranges from 2,500 USD TO 9’000 USD depending on qualification. The median cost is 5,500 USD. But the cost in Bulldog Driving School is pretty much lower compared to the other training schools. Bulldog Driving School also runs some free programs in their institute.

Best Trucking Schools in Chicago:

 Bulldog Driving School Inc is the best of the best trucking schools in Chicago. This driving school provides the best hands on driving training to the trainees through there trained instructors. They provide proper education from starting the application to landing on a job. Here you can get flexible schedule according to your own routine. You will get lots of hiring resources as like as recruiters and job bulletins.

The trainees can choose different course language based on their mother language.  Such as Arabic, Spanish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czechoslovakian. Students can get study materials and private classes if they want. The teachers are highly dedicated to the students. They work as a trusted helping hand to the weak students. It is the best place among the 160 driving schools for CDL into all over the Chicago. Bulldog driving school has more than 14 years of experience to train people to achieve their goal and get their CDL .

We can understand the challenges people face during switching a job or starting a new line of work. And we try our best to provide the greatest experience to our students. Let us know that if you are ready to start a new journey. We are looking forward riding with you.

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