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What if we tell you, you can start earning an extra stream of income apart from your salary just by putting in the minimum effort. Or if you are a student, you can continue with your daily studies without going on an actual job and still earn a handsome amount.  Or if you are struggling to make ends meet with your monthly salary and looking to increase your income you will be able to achieve that without doing multiple jobs at a time. The solution to all your financial woes is simple, investing. And what better way to invest your money in 2022 than investing it in cryptocurrency.

If you struggle with grasping the idea of cryptocurrency and how the whole crypto market works, do not worry, we are here to break it down for you.

Intro to cryptocurrency

In simple terms, cryptocurrency is digital money. Just like everything has been digitalized and computerized, people have found a substitute for paper money too, digital money. And it is believed by many experts around the globe that cryptocurrency will take over paper money in the near future and people will be able to buy and sell mundane goods with crypto money.

Cryptocurrency is decentralized, this means the government has no power over it and you are not required to give taxes against your crypto assets.

When the first-ever cryptocurrency was launched back in 2009, Bitcoin, valued at $0, the majority of people made fun of it and took that as a joke. But it grabbed people’s attention in 2017 when the value of one bitcoin reached an all-time high of $20,000. And today it stands at $40,931. This massive change in the value of Bitcoin, from 2009 to now proves how much the crypto industry has progressed over the years and still growing.

You have a variety of over 10,000 crypto coins to choose from. From highly valued coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to meme coins like dogecoin, the variety is endless. You can decide to invest or trade in whichever coin you like according to the trading capital you currently have.

How to enter the crypto market?

With the birth of cryptocurrency, many trading apps came into existence too, to make life easier for traders and investors interested in cryptocurrency. However, many apps made it more difficult instead of making it easier by pretending to be a trading platform for crypto but turning out to be a scam. This is why it is very important to choose reliable software for trading.

To protect you from any kind of scam or fraud, we recommend you BitLQ. A favorite amongst crypto community members. Its users swear by this software and its excellence. Let’s look more into what makes BitLQ so good.

Benefits of using BitLQ

Top-notch level of technology

The developers combined advanced technology and modern Ai to bring you the most up-to-date software. BitLQ presents all the current market insights, historic data, and future predictions to its users in the most accurate way. You can make full use of these insights when making trading decisions. This data will help you greatly in making a well-researched decision for yourself. This will prevent you from buying or selling your crypto assets at the wrong time, hence decreasing the chances of loss.

Security guaranteed

Providing a safe and secure trading experience to its users is BitLQ’s number 1 priority. To protect the users’ data from any kind of theft or leakage, developers have encrypted the whole software with SSL encryption and have integrated the highest level of security protocols in their system. You don’t have to worry about your money being stolen as the highly secured system of BitLQ ensures that this never happens, and your data and money stays protected at all times.

Automated Trading

What is the point of investing in cryptocurrency if you still stay busy all day staring at your screen, analyzing the market, being on a constant lookout for any fluctuations, and still the chances of missing out on a profitable opportunity remains? To take all that stress of trading off your shoulders, BitLQ has the perfect feature in-store for you. Automated trading. In automated trading, bots do all the boring and time-consuming work for you, while all you have to do is sit back and relax and see the money rolling in.

The software will ask you to set your trading parameters and risk tolerance (you can change those settings anytime you want) and then the bots will work on those parameters and risk tolerance set by you.

Ease of use

You don’t need any prior experience in the crypto market to become a part of BitLQ. Even a novice investor can start using BitLQ right away. The interface of the software is designed in a user-friendly way so that no one faces any challenge while navigating through the software. The software is also web-based, which means it doesn’t require any sort of downloads and installations, which can take time and become a pain. To use the app, all you need to do is open their website. It is as easy as it can get. Even a person who is not much familiar with technology can easily learn to use BitLQ.


Yes, you read that right! Even with all the benefits that it offers its users, BitLQ does not charge a single penny from them. The founders of BitLQ believe in providing a safe, secure and accessible trading platform to all and not exploiting people and minting off money from them. There is 0 registration or transaction fee. You can enjoy the incredible service of BitLQ for free.

Wrapping Up

In times where price levels are constantly rising while the salaries don’t increase, it is very important to have more than one income channel. And why work multiple jobs to increase income when you can easily make money by sitting at home with the help of BitLQ? Don’t wait anymore, become a member of BitLQ today and begin your journey towards financial independence.

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