7 zero budget ideas to employ in your restaurant marketing plan right now

In the post-Covid world, restaurants are battling with a sharp fall in sales. Hence, it’s an imperative to focus aggressively on marketing and boost your sales. In this scenario, let’s explore 7 low cost ideas that work out when you operate on a shoe-string budget.

7 zero budget restaurant marketing ideas

Start with social media marketing –

As per the study by Cornell University, 59% of chain restaurants and 79% of independent restaurants use social media. Build your restaurant’s official pages on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Be consistent in posting relevant content and enhance engagement.

Build a robust website –

Nowadays customers prefer to order food online directly from restaurant websites. With digital restaurant marketing solutions platform Inresto, restaurant website creation is pretty simple now. Add your address, contact numbers, hours of operation, online menu and the option to order online on your website.

Offer excellent customer service –

By providing quality food and exceptional customer service, make your customers your brand ambassadors. It’s quite natural that a delighted customer will recommend your restaurant to their friends and relatives.

Explore the power of tie-ups –

Hosting an event can attract a lot of visitors. Get into tie-ups with corporates and event management companies for conducting events. Also, co-branding with credit card companies and offering discounts can be quite beneficial.

Request for positive reviews –

Before the diners leave your restaurant, request them for positive reviews. A rave review on review websites such as Yelp, Zomato or TripAdvisor can attract a lot of food lovers.

Make the most out of e-mail marketing –

As per the survey report released by Forbes, 79% of the entrepreneurs opined that e-mail marketing is “important” or “very important” for their businesses. With e-mail marketing, communicate promotional offers, discounts and on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries send personalised messages to diners.

Get listed on google –

Be present on ‘Google My Business Listing’ to enhance your restaurant’s online visibility.

Parting Words

By implementing the 7 marketing techniques discussed above, now you can experience an enormous increase in business.

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