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5 Reasons It’s Time For You To Find Another NY Insurance Agent To Work With

It may have been some time since you’ve gone shopping for car insurance. You may have chosen them for their personality or that they spent some time with you going over the different policies that would fit your budget and needs. However, unless you are in constant contact with this insurance agent, chances are you don’t know if the policy you have still fits you.

In fact, you may need another agent altogether for your insurance in New York. How would you know this?

5 Clues That A New Insurance Agent Is A Necessity

Unable To Get Any or Straight Answers

You want a car insurance agent who will return your emails and/or phone calls. You also want an agent who, when they do answer the phone, will give you answers to your questions clearly and concisely. If you don’t receive clear communication – one way or the other – it’s time to find another agent.

No Additional Communications

After you’ve gotten the policy you want, you want the insurance agent to still reach out to you. You never want to go with an agent who sells you on a policy and then disappears like the wind.

A reputable agent is one that will constantly communicate with you about issues going on in your life. If there have been any changes, the agent should then make suggestions on what’s best for you. The agent should look out for your financial interests; communication is essential to making this happen.

Agent Works With A Single Insurance Company 

If an agent works with a single insurance company, they will only be able to provide you with one option for insurance – vehicle, home, renter’s, business, etc. As such, they may be a great insurance agent, but the reality is that the one product may not be in your best interest. You could be stuck with rising premiums, which is a great time to start looking at agents who work with more than one insurance company. This involves going with an independent agency that can give you more options to choose from that will fit your budget and needs.

No Help With Claims or Service-Related Issues 

More and more insurance agencies have been consolidating themselves, which doesn’t help the consumer. When you call in a claim, you may have to go through various telephone prompts that may or may not connect you with an insurance agent. If you do get an agent, most times, you’ll have to leave a voicemail and hope they return the call.

These consolidated agencies are using the “separation of duties” trek, where the agents focus on the sales aspect and leave the rest of the inquiries up to the customer service representative. This is not what you need when it comes to vehicle insurance.

When it comes to reputable agents, you want someone who will be there for you before and after the sale. You want the agent to be with you every step of the way, even when claims need to be made.

No Explanation In Premium Increases 

Car insurance premiums have skyrocketed in every aspect of the insurance business in the last few years. There are several reasons why the increases are happening – industry and regional. Your agent should be able to explain why your policies have increased and if it’s just a policy issue or if the company has implemented a fee increase. This should be done even without you asking, but if asked, they should be able to inform you of the reason.

If there are no clear reasons why the rates have gone up, look for another insurance agent for your NY car insurance quotes as you can often find a better deal.

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