Business4 Steps to Build Customer Journey Map

4 Steps to Build Customer Journey Map


Many companies find it hard and challenging to understand their customers’ needs. But having all the necessary information can take their business to a high level of success and growth. And companies must understand the whole customer journey which he takes before and after buying process. For that, they can create customer journey maps, which visualize the whole process.

 4 stages to create the customer journey map

Having a customer map can bring many benefits to companies. First of all, you can increase customer satisfaction and also boost your team’s productivity through CRM software as they clearly understand the objectives and goals. And most importantly, you can maximize the number of loyal customers and increase sales.

  • Set clear goals for your map

Before starting to formulate your map, you need to understand why you are creating it. Think about your objective and figure out what you are expecting from that map and what it will give you. The first important factor in goal setting is to understand what benefits that customer journey will bring to you. Also, it will help to create steps that will give you desired results.

Understanding your goals will be helpful for creating your customer’s personas too.

  • Define and focus on your target customer persona

To create the right products and solutions and you need to have a clear understanding of your customer. Know their struggles and pain points if they looking for jobs for 17 year olds but also learn their expectations and desires too. You can ask different questions to the customers who have interacted with you. Discover whether their experience with your company was positive or how they feel when navigating your website.

After this, you can create specific grows and choose one or two from that list. Then create a journey map concentrating on these two groups.

3. Analyze all touchpoints

To create a successful customer journey, you should understand all the customer touchpoints. It is every interaction between people and a company which will help you improve your online reputation and brand awareness. There are many places for this, like websites, social media channels, and so on. And to identify and examine all the touchpoints will give you valuable information. It will include where there are fewer touchpoints, so it means customers aren’t interested. Or there can be too many touchpoints, showing that customers have difficulties using your website or taking action on your social media channels.

4. Create a customer journey map and test it by yourself

After researching now, you should create a detailed customer journey map. This map will guide you when creating marketing campaigns. But before bringing it to life, you need to analyze and try taking that journey by yourself. This will bring huge advantages as you can gather valuable insights. Trying to take that journey by yourself, you can understand where customers would need support and which steps you can take differently. And then come up with a solution and offer an improved customer experience.


To create strong relationships with your customers, you should understand the whole journey they take. And customer journey maps are a great way to achieve that and can help your business to grow. This article discussed the steps you should take to build a journey map. First, understand the goal of that map and create customer profiles too. Identify all the touchpoints and eventually create a map. The most important factor is testing the productivity of that map and making necessary changes. These steps will help you create you can build effective customer journey map.

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