Why Purchase from a Car Dealer vs a Private Owner

When purchasing a used vehicle, you have two options:

  • Car dealer
  • Private seller

While a car dealer sells numerous vehicles at any time, private sellers are selling their own vehicles and normally encourage buyers to visit their address for a test drive. As you can imagine, the two options differ greatly. Today, you’re going to learn why purchasing from a car dealer is generally better than private owners.

Private Sellers

Firstly, there are benefits to buying from a private seller. For example, the prices are normally better because dealers mark up the value of cars to increase their profit. Furthermore, speaking to the owner often means that you get a better insight into the history of the vehicle.

As well as telling you about the vehicle, they can explain any work they’ve carried out as well as any unique features it has.

On the other hand, buying from a private seller has much less protection, and this is one of the biggest reasons why most people choose a car dealer. After buying from a private seller, you must be sure that the vehicle is in good condition. Why? Because you’re responsible for repairs from the moment you become the owner.

If something major happens the next day, you can’t just take the vehicle back to the private seller. You should have checked that the vehicle was in the right condition because the law doesn’t protect you. If you want to buy your favourite car then visit this site

Car Dealers

Fortunately, you enjoy lots more protection when buying from car dealerships in Moncton. These days, the very best car dealers offer a warranty either for the whole vehicle or specific components of it. Typically, these are the components that you cannot have damaged within the time frame – damage that was likely pre-existing before you purchased the vehicle.

Knowing that a warranty protects the vehicle, you can sleep easy knowing that you aren’t responsible for all repairs for a while. If the car dealership offers servicing, you can also take your vehicle back for a service and they will get to know you and your vehicle.

What’s more, buying from a private seller doesn’t offer any flexibility when it comes to payment. You’ll need to either pay by cash or transfer money to a specific bank account. Either way, you’ll need the purchase price available. For many people, this means that they need to look for vehicles on a lower budget.

When shopping at car dealerships, more finance options are available. Now, you pay the fee over many months and years. Thankfully, you can shop for better models since you don’t need the lump sum at the very beginning.

Of course, you’ll need a good credit rating, and this will earn you strong interest rates as you repay the amount to the dealer. Choose the right dealer in Moncton and you’ll receive favorable terms in both the short-term and long-term.


While there are some benefits to buying a vehicle privately, there are also many more risks compared to buying from a car dealer. If you don’t know much about cars, buying privately could leave you with a vehicle that needs lots of repairs. Meanwhile, you can trust the word of car dealers because they rely on a positive customer experience (something that doesn’t matter to a private seller!). The better your experience, the more likely you are to return and recommend the service to others.

Generally speaking, car dealers offer a safer experience, better terms, and more convenience (some even deliver vehicles to your door).

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