AutoWhen is the best time to have your car...

When is the best time to have your car checked?


You have an inkling of what is wrong with your car, but are you sure? Perhaps the problem can already be solved with a small intervention because the car has a malfunction and high costs have been saved. Submit the problem of your car to us and Cheap Car Servicing Reading experts will expertly read your car. This way you know exactly what the expected costs of car repairs on your car will be.

Our advice for a diagnosis:

  • In case of defective parts
  • With notifications on the dashboard
  • When in doubt of a defective part

What are the costs of a car reading?

You can read a car from as little as € 66, including collecting and returning the car. By having the car read out at this competitive rate, you immediately know what is going on with the car. This is possible with fault messages on the dashboard, but also when the car has reacted ‘strangely’ at a certain moment. The faults are remembered by the system. During the reading of the car, therefore, not only the current problems come to the fore, but also unusual situations in the past. It may be that there was a temporary glitch that can simply be cleared. In other cases, the car indicates what needs to be done during the reading. It is therefore not wise to simply delete fault messages on the dashboard. Our technicians are happy to see what exactly is going on and give you a competitive quote based on the information obtained during the reading. Reading the car can of course also be combined with a service or a repair to lower the costs.

What equipment is used for car reading?

A car is read by using OBD (OnBoardDiagnostics) equipment. There is both OBD1 and OBD2 equipment, it depends on the car that you have which device should actually be used. If you want to have the car read out, we will of course ensure that this is done at a garage where they have experience with your car and also have the right equipment. It is therefore very important for us to know what kind of car you have. It is not only important to know what brand of car you have, but also what type and registration number it is. With this information we can find out which equipment is suitable for your car and at which garage in your area this can best be carried out. For example, if you drive a petrol car, the cars made before 2001 are must be read by OBD1 and the cars after 2001 with OBD2.

Based on the reading of the car, a diagnosis can be made by the garage. They can determine whether there is actually something defective in the car and what this is exactly. In addition, the garage can also ensure that the car is repaired immediately if you wish.

When can I have my car scanned?

It is of course always possible to have a Cheap Car Servicing Reading. It is of course not necessary if you do not notice anything about the car and it just drives well. If you expect that something is wrong with the car, and it is not clear what exactly is wrong with the car, it is of course possible to have the car read out. For example, it may be that lights have come on in the dashboard, but it is not clear what is wrong with the car. This is often the case when the engine light comes on. The car indicates that there is something wrong with the engine, but not exactly what is wrong. This makes it difficult for you to indicate what needs to be done with the car and it is possible to create clarity when you have the car read out. Of course it is not only the engine light that often causes a lot of confusion, but it could also be that the ABS light comes on. In short: if there is uncertainty about what is wrong with the car, you can have the car read out.

It is possible to make an appointment to have the car read out. We make sure that you can go to a garage near you. You can often quickly go to a garage to have the car read out. By using the right equipment and the extensive experience, it is often quickly done for the garages to have the car read out. On the basis of the reading of the car, it will be determined why the light has come on and what needs to be repaired on the car. If you wish, the garage can carry out the repair for you. If you do not want this, it is of course also possible to only have the car read out.

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