What Is The Cost Of A Car Battery?  

When your car fails to start because of a faulty battery, your plans for that day can be dampened. Anytime this happens to you, you will be wondering what a new car battery might cost you. You will discover that it’s cheaper to replace a car’s battery than other vehicle parts. In this article, we cover the factors that could impact the cost of a car battery.

Remember that a car’s battery could last anywhere from 2 to 5 years, and this is determined by the type of the battery, the brand of the vehicle, and the climatic condition of your place of residence. The price of a battery could range from $50 to $130 for standard cars, while premium cars could cost anywhere from $90 to $250.

What determines the price of a car’s battery?

Car batteries that have been designed to incorporate specialized features such as extended warranties and cold-weather performance are considered premium. The kind of battery which your vehicle will require may also affect its cost. Take, for instance, there are at least 40 kinds of automobile batteries that are available, and most of them are lead-acid batteries or absorbent glass-mart batteries.

So what other factors affect the price that you will pay for your car’s battery?

1. The battery size that you require

Standard car batteries offer enough torque to power ordinary cars. However, if you have a bigger automobile, you will have to get a bigger battery that is capable of powering it. With larger batteries, you are assured of more electrical output for every hour that the vehicle’s ignition is on than the smaller-sized batteries. The large-sized batteries are constructed using more material than their standard counterparts, and this contributes to their higher prices.

2. The battery’s brand

Car battery manufacturers are many and from all over the world.  Some of these brands are considered to be more superior to others because they are made from superior materials. You will discover that high-end brands may cost you more to buy, but you will realize that you will enjoy better value for your money in the long run.

3. Installation cost

Not everybody can install a car battery and the cost that you incur to hire an installation professional adds up to the overall cost of replacing your car’s battery. The amount that you will pay depends on the battery’s location, and the length of time which it will take to install the battery. However, most brisk and mortar battery sellers do the installation for free.

Remember to check positive and negative car battery reviews before you make a purchase decision. You can benefit from the insights that you will get from past customers who have posted their experience about certain brains of car batteries online. Sieve through them, and you will be able to narrow down your selection to a few car battery brands.

Now that you know the factors that determine the cost of a vehicle’s battery, you can now go ahead and get the best new battery for your car. Remember that highly-priced options may be the cheapest in the long run, so you should exercise discretion and choose properly.

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