The Basics of the Freestyle BMX Bike

If you’re a serious BMX biker, you’ve likely either seen or been approached by someone interested in purchasing a freestyle BMX bike. They will most likely want to buy one because they are fascinated with the thought of riding down a giant ramp and flying through the air. 

The truth is, though, that it is not that simple! Buying your freestyle bike can take some work, but with a few helpful tips, you should have no problem getting the best deal possible. Your first step in finding a 20 inch mongoose bike is to ask yourself what type of ride you are interested in.

There are two types of BMX bikes to consider: racing and freestyle. Racing bikes are typically designed for having their rider take their bike around the track as fast as possible, sometimes at extremely high speeds. This typically means that they are constructed with very high-quality tires and they employ very powerful engines, often ones with twin engines.

Freestyle BMX bikes, by contrast, are designed with shorter wheels and more agility. They use smaller tires with less weight and they generally employ smaller engines. One of the advantages of these types of freestyle bikes is that they can be customized. 

For instance, some manufacturers offer pegs that are a certain height and can be adjusted so that riders can get a better view of the road. Other companies will offer interchangeable back wheels, allowing you to replace worn or broken ones while saving money by not changing the pegs.

After determining which type of ride you are more interested in, the next step is to look at the various features offered on freestyle BMX bikes. Most of these bikes will have similar frame designs with a short top tube and long front or rear brake tubes. Some may also have similar fork designs, though many will have completely different fork designs.

Freestyle BMX bikes usually have little or no gearbox. Many of these are single-speed or two-speed machines. They also do not have a chain guide, and many have shallow dropouts. The handlebars are typically lower than most racing bikes, as are the pedals. 

Many have either short handles or levers, and many riders like to switch between a front rack and a rear rack on their freestyle bike. These bikes have shallow but deep dropouts and wide tires with a larger contact patch than typical racing bikes.

Whether you are considering racing or doing tricks on a freestyle BMX bike, there are plenty of options. You can build your skills in a variety of different categories to help hone your ability and keep racing. You can also enjoy a casual time with friends and family while getting healthy and fit.

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