AutoHow can roadside assistance save your life in a...

How can roadside assistance save your life in a road emergency?  


Roadside help, as the name implies, offers on-the-ground support if your car breaks down in the midst of the road. A 24×7 roadside assistance rider is a great addition to your comprehensive automobile Insurance policy, whether it is for a minor accident like a tyre puncture or jump start. It can be obtained by paying an additional charge because it is an add-on rider option. Vehicle roadside assistance market is too big and worth 34.8 billion by 2030 at a 4.1% CAGR.

How does RSA function?

You would only need to phone the insurance provider and ask for assistance if you encountered an emergency that was covered by the RSA service providers. They will ensure you to provide car towing service, flat tyre service, battery jumpstart service in best price. Once informed, the insurance will provide assistance as soon as possible.

What is Included under RSA?

  1. Dead Battery: This is applicable if the battery in your car fails, dies, or degrades while you’re driving. It involves covering all labor and conveyance expenses.
  2. Duplicate Keys: If you lose or forget your car keys in the middle of a trip, RSA will not only pick them up or transport them, but will also cover the cost of the technicians needed to unlock the car.
  3. Tyre Puncture: RSA offers assistance in the event of a flat tire. The cost of the technicians needed to replace the tire is covered by this benefit.
  4. Minor Repairs: Additional minor repairs that result from unplanned circumstances are also covered.
  5. Towing Fees: This coverage offers towing services in the event that your car is seriously damaged and requires immediate garage storage.
  6. Messenger Services:This cover offers a provision in the event of an emergency if you need to send a message urgently to your family.
  7. Medical Coordination: In the event of a medical emergency due to an accident, this insurance makes it easier to coordinate the necessary transportation to the closest hospital.
  8. Fuel Assistance: With this insurance, you can arrange for up to 5 liters of fuel to be delivered to a stuck place.

Things you should Know

  • RSA can be used up to four times per year and is not counted as a claim.
  • There are two fuel assistance claims each coverage period.
  • If you are Driving under the influence or driving without a proper permit, RSA will not cover any costs.
  • Violating traffic laws and regulations will exempt you from getting the benefits of RSA.
  • You should be aware of a few things about roadside assistance in order to comprehend the coverage and any applicable exclusions. These key details are ones you should keep in mind:
  • In almost all auto insurance policies, the roadside assistance coverage is typically offered as an add-on. You must pay an extra charge to select the add-on cover.
  • In certain auto insurance policies, the plan’s standard coverage includes a provision for Roadside assistance services. There is no additional payment needed in this instance because it is not an optional cover. However, compared to built-in roadside assistance coverage, add-on coverage is advantageous because it gives you a more thorough level of protection.
  • In the event that your car’s fuel runs out, roadside assistance would make arrangements for emergency fuel. However, you would be responsible for covering the expense of the fuel.
  • Similar to the battery breakdown scenario, roadside assistance would arrange for a battery replacement, but you would be responsible for the battery’s cost.

If only your vehicle breaks down outside of your city of residence does roadside help become useful. The distance from the city where you live is specified in car insurance coverage. Only roadside assistance would provide coverage for emergencies encountered outside this range.

Who should purchase coverage for roadside assistance?

  • It is advised to buy an RSA protection if your car is brand-new or its at least 3 years old.
  • You really must get an RSA cover if you frequently commute by vehicle or bike.


Is roadside assistance useful? Definitely. The roadside assistance coverage is highly beneficial given the range of coverage and the service offered. The cover is actually quite pertinent for women and older folks who are driving and encounter an emergency in the middle of the road.

Buy RSA from Droom. Roadside assistance at Droom comes to your aid when you need it the most, whether it is an add-on or is already included in the policy. So, remember to add roadside assistance coverage with Droom when you next purchase or renew your auto insurance.

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