Guide for Car Audio Subwoofers

A loudspeaker that reproduces low pitched audio frequencies (bass) is known as a subwoofer; it is one of the components of your Music system. The frequency range for a sub-woofer is about 20-200 Hz. It is one of the necessary parts of the system.

Subwoofers are used to make the extra bass and loudness. Humans are capable of hearing the sound of around 20-20000 Hz frequencies. For the Lower frequencies sound, we need to add some bass to it. The first subwoofer was made around the 1960s and introduced to the market later in the 1970s.

It can be frustrating to look for quality subwoofers for jeep wranglers. You don’t know what is good or bad. You end up getting confused by the flood of information on different forums and websites. It becomes difficult to choose the best subwoofer one out of everything you see online. If you are looking for the best subwoofers for jeep wranglers, then you are in the right place.

Types and Size of Subwoofers

Subwoofers can be different in size, a range from 4 to 20 inches. Bigger subwoofers produce more sound (Bass). You should buy according to your requirement and space, but for the car audio system, the available size is about 8, 10, 12, and 15.

Here is an interesting question. Which size of subwoofer you should buy and from where you can get it? Selecting a good one with a better dealer is a difficult thing but not much as you are thinking.

For almost every Car and brand, there’s a designed music system, so as per the requirements you first need to know about your car requirement, space, and need to research it. One more thing you need to know is that the subwoofer is really required in the existing sound system or you need to change the whole sound system. The following are the types of Car Subwoofers.

Component Subwoofer.

Enclosed Subwoofer.

Powered Subwoofer.

Vehicle Specific.    

Subwoofers are also known to have active and passive types and have some components like Driver, Enclosure, etc. Well, if you know the requirements, you don’t need to go much technically about it. If you like to add some extra bass to your Music then you should definitely install the subwoofer in your car.

Quality and Material

While going for the cheap prices there’s always a risk to get a lower quality product, but you need more durable and solid material which can last at least until you decide to update it. So always check the quality of the product when you’re searching in low price. Polypropylene Plastic is the most used material in subwoofers.

Installation Tips and Guide

  • Typically Installation is done by the provider or the dealer from where you are buying it, but if you want to do it your own here are some tips and guidelines.
  • You need to make sure that the required parts or the components are available, Like Subwoofer cable, Box, screws and required basic tools.
  • Always select the size of the System and Speaker as per the space available to use.
  • Remember to keep your car’s battery connected while installations.

Subwoofers produced the extra bass to sound which gives pleasure in listening depending on the choice of the listeners. Choosing the right type of your car matters a lot but the budget is more important here. Many of the Good Brands are available which sell at a low price with some offer, all you need to do is, to check the online stores and search for the best deal available.


A good DC Audio Subwoofer can add more pleasure to your Music, so always choose wisely. While going for a change of the whole Music system of your car or just adding subwoofers to it, you should always give priority to your requirement and the Budget. Always compare the features and prices on the online portals of the selected models.

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