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Get to Know about Different Ways to Access the Blocked Content on the Internet 

In this prevailing trend of freedom everywhere, everyone wants to get free access to the internet. Blockage at any step vanishes the full enjoyment. The story ends on the fun, but many of us want to approach the website to browse our school tasks or manage the business dealings and queries, but we are unable because they are geo-blocked. Many solutions were introduced to keep the people down, but the most used and worthy solutions are discussed here! Read the article ahead to know their details and features!

#1. VPN- The Easiest Way to Unblock the Sites

A virtual private network or VPN is considered the best way to unblock the blocked sites. Through this, you can change your original location to another location like another country to get access to the website because it is not banned in that particular country. One more benefit is that no one can trace your location while you are browsing. That’s why you can safely reach the desired content. The amazing fact is that besides making your activity anonymous, they are available in free versions; you have to install the required free VPN like Dew VPN.

#2. Use the Google Cache

Google is brilliant. It always takes a copy of the searched websites in the form of a cache. Once you visit a website, it will save as cache, by which you can get access to the geo-blocked content. You have to search the cache on the Google search bar and by tapping the down arrow, click the Cached, and here you go bypassing the blocked content. The primary benefit is that you do not need any installation, and the process is fast.

#3. Bypass the Content by Using Web Proxy

In this method, you do not need any downloading because you are free to access it by just writing the URL of the particular desired site on the proxy server website, and you will find everything. It is most recommended in school and public computers because the process is quick. You can also choose a proxy of your choice from a list of many from the thepirateproxybay source.

#4. Use the Tor to Get Access to the Site

You can use the Tor, an abbreviated form of The Onion Router, to access the blocked site because it gives you many layers of encryptions to manage the online traffic route and keep the online activity anonymous; that is why named so. It is free to use and takes you to the dark web without data mining.

#5. Use an IP Address Instead of a URL

You may find many sites whose data is unavailable because the IP address belongs to a specific country. You can change your IP address to a particular sequence of figures; especially if you are an online worker, it will be easy and quick to use.

#6. Take Advantage of URL Shortener

It is a wise way to get access to the required content. You can shorten the URL of any website by using URL shortening websites, and then you can click it to shrink and then save by pasting the new shortened version you have copied.

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Final Words

You can feel liberated by simply going with all the upper illustrated methods to unblock the sites and the content unavailable in your country. Even the Netflix series are easy to access. The most commonly used way is VPN, especially the people who usually prefer free VPN.

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