AllWhy Have A Korea Online Casino News Blog?


Why Have A Korea Online Casino News Blog?

If you are interested in gambling in Korea, then you will need to be up to date on all the latest news. One way of doing this is by visiting an online casino news blog. Here you will be able to find out everything you need to know about the country’s various casinos and the latest news and events that will be taking place in the country.

South Korea has 30 land-based casinos

The gambling industry in South Korea is not very developed. According to the Korean government, strict regulations are in place to protect citizens from gambling addictions. However, the government does not prioritize further legalization of gambling activities.

The country currently has 17 land-based casinos and 16 casinos that are inside 5-star hotels. Only foreign visitors can enter these casinos. For locals, they can only enter Kangwon Land casino, the only gambling site where Koreans can gamble.

Kangwon Land casino was approved by the Korean government in 2000. In that year, it was built to improve economic development in rural areas, where there were abandoned mines. It also provided a source of income to the region.

Kangwon Land’s gross gaming revenue climbed 51.5% in the first half of the year and 80.1% in the second half of the year. This increase was driven by slot machines and mass tables.

The Korean government changed its gambling-related laws last year. These changes included the addition of a prequalification requirement for businesses. With this new regulation, fewer people will be allowed to enter the casino.

Although some 바카라사이트 카지노컴퍼니 reopened earlier this year, the number of tourists was still low. That, coupled with the outbreak of Covid-19, caused some Jeju Island casinos to close.

South Korea has mixed feelings about gambling

The Korean government recently implemented policies that will expand the gambling scene. This includes gambling on horse racing, lottery, and casino games. Interestingly, the gambling laws in Korea are a bit unique.

In particular, a recent study compiled data on the electronic players’ card (EPC) system. Unlike the old fashioned cash machines, these systems can allow customers to place high-price bets.

The study measured the effectiveness of this innovation by comparing EPC systems in two types of venues. One type required customers to present an electronic card for betting a minimum of KRW 50,000, while the other gave them complete autonomy. The result was a reduction in the average betting amount per customer. However, a much larger proportion of money was spent on cash purchases, which amounted to 85%.

Another notable gizmo was the hologram, or as the name implies, a virtual representation of a real life object. Holograms have been used in a wide variety of applications. From surgical training to entertainment, they are a hot topic.

It’s not surprising that South Korea has a mixed reaction to gambling. As one of the more developed middle powers, it has had to contend with similar challenges. And as the saying goes, “knowing better is half the fun.”

Among other things, the Korean government has implemented measures to minimize the risks of problem gambling. They have also created a special center to help track gambling addiction in the country.

South Korea’s illicit gambling market amounted to $66 billion in 2012

The South Korean government estimates the illicit gambling market to be worth a staggering US$66 billion in 2012. Although it isn’t exactly the most profitable sector in the country, gambling is still a big deal in the East Asian nation. In recent years, it has been the target of several raids by police and government agencies alike. However, the Korean government is slowly relaxing its physical gambling laws.

Unlike most of its neighbors, the country does not permit its citizens to gamble in casinos. Instead, they have to rely on the services of online operators licensed in other countries. But the country is still one of the largest Internet markets in the world, with a household subscription rate of 85.1% in 2015.

While gambling hasn’t been legalized, it has become an important part of the culture in the country. Many Koreans make use of e-wallets and VPN services to get around the blocks put up by the government.


The government has also made a few interesting moves in recent years. It has slapped hefty fines on several individuals for match fixing in football and rolled out the first ever national lottery. And it has even gotten a few major casino operators to come to South Korea.

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