Why drawing is important to your child’s development!

One of the first things a child can do is pick up a pencil and start drawing. And as new technologies become more and more accessible to children and their families, they bring with them new ways to learn important creative skills. For us, drawing has always been viewed as one of the most fundamental of these skills – this is just one of the reasons why…


Drawing makes it easier for children to express their emotions

Children are not always able to express themselves with words and actions, so drawing is another important form of communication. You can gain a deeper understanding of your child’s thoughts and feelings through their drawings. Through the pictures that children draw, we can feel the increase in intelligence and emotions of children.

Drawing helps improve pen skills

From a small doodle to a proud masterpiece on the refrigerator, you can be surprised. Drawing can enhance your child’s pen-holding skills from an early age. If children are exposed to learning to draw and color as early as possible, it will help them improve their hand-eye coordination, and increase the flexibility of their finger muscles. Try the application of the basic painting exercises of to help you with this. With basic strokes can also help young children gain confidence in their creative skills. “If you can draw these simple shapes then you can draw anything!”

Drawing helps develop your child’s problem-solving skills

When drawing, a child is faced with many decisions – whether it’s ‘what color should I use here?’ or “How to draw a cat and connect one part of its body to another? other?’ All of these questions ask them to be able to solve problems. Try asking them “why color those parts?” or “why use this color instead of the rest?” and from there see which solution their answers came to.

Drawing lets your baby’s imagination soar!

In fact, learning to draw allows your child’s imagination to become more diverse and active. Each time they draw, the children can express their imagination and express what is on their mind. Human imagination will allow them to create all the things that we use and surround ourselves with every day. 

Drawing will be the premise for your child’s learning

Drawing is one of the early foundations of logical thinking or abstract thinking. Whether your child is still at home with you or already at school, learning to draw will prepare them to understand more difficult concepts. Learning these creative ways of thinking at an early age will prepare your child for future education. Provide your child with a variety of drawing materials, such as crayons, paints, chalks, etc. Also, don’t forget about digital media tools, to help them get used to tablets and media. other that they are sure to use frequently in the future.

There are many reasons why starting to draw early can help children develop creative skills. We hope some of the tips above were helpful to you – but we’d love to hear from you, too! How do you encourage your child’s drawing skills and what do they like to draw?

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