Why Bollywood’s Big Films Are Flopping at the Box Office

Why Bollywood’s big films are floundering at the box office is a common question that has plagued the industry for years. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the reasons behind the dismal performance of recent Bollywood releases. Among the other reasons that have hurt the Bollywood industry are delays in production and post-production work, Covid related costs and delays, increasing ticket prices, and a looming pandemic that could affect theatre capacity. Also, anti-Bollywood social media campaigns have been a serious setback for Bollywood films.

Rocket Singh

If you are asking yourself, “Why are Bollywood’s big films floundering?” then you’re not alone. Bollywood is notorious for trying to enter categories that it has never entered before. For example, the upcoming SRK film Ra One, despite its brilliant cast, captivating songs and sexy lead SRK, was a disappointment at the box office. This doesn’t mean that all Bollywood films are doomed to failure. Here are some reasons why some of these films failed:


With critical acclaim, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s epic period drama Padmaavat has been a big hit on the global stage. Deepika Padukone plays Rani Padmavati in the film, which also stars Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor. The movie’s controversies, however, are causing the film to falter at the box office.

Ranveer’s 83

Although a critically acclaimed film, Ranveer’s 83 is floundering at the box office. Its poor box office performance has been blamed on a variety of factors, including a lack of promotions in rural areas and a coronavirus pandemic. Some people have also pointed out that Bollywood has a tendency to produce too many sports moviesverse, which follow a standard story arc about an underdog who goes up against a strong opponent. But, despite this, the movie is expected to win awards for the actor’s performance in the film.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar’s film

Despite its high star power, Ranveer Singh and Boman Irani, Jayeshbhai Jordar is failing at the box office. While it may have had a weak script, the film’s poster and OTT release made it seem like a family-friendly movie in teachertn. However, the film’s subject matter and lack of a compelling character caused many viewers to remain undecided.

Tetsuo Nagata’s debut in Bollywood

The cinematographer, Tetsuo Nagata, has recently met the Dhaakad cast and crew. After wrapping up Thalaivi, Kangana Ranaut will begin shooting Dhaakad. The film has been delayed due to the pandemic. Tetsuo Nagata is an internationally acclaimed cinematographer. The movie’s soundtrack is a work of art, with many acclaims coming from all corners of the globe.

Shahid Kapoor’s foray into action hero territory

One of the most popular actors in the Hindi film industry, Shahid Kapoor’s comeback with Jersey is a big disappointment. Despite opening to positive reviews and fanfare, Shahid Kapoor’s film has failed to earn Rs 15 crore in its first four days. While it has been a long time since Shahid has tried his hand at an action hero role, his flop at the box office has shocked everyone in the entertainment industry. While Jersey failed to make it to the top of the charts, the star has taken the failure of his movie personally in satta-king-india.

Ranbir Kapoor’s film

The budget of Shamshera is a huge INR 150 crores, but the film has not even minted one third of that amount. The film has become the seventh Ranbir Kapoor flop to date, and now Ranbir will have to prepare for his next release, Brahmastra. The film’s first weekend collection of Rs 32 crore is a major disappointment, and its collections are expected to continue to fall.

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