What’s The Best Vape Flavour For You?

It’s like being a child again, back at the candy store and staring at the plethora of flavours on offer. Except for this time, it’s the adult version of this fantasy — vape juice.

Vape juices are available in various flavours: sweet e-liquids, tobacco e-liquids and menthol liquids. The sheer amount of different tastes can be overwhelming, yet you may just find your new favourite with a little helping hand from us!

Sweet e-liquid flavours

Sweet vape juice flavours, just as their name suggests, are wonderfully and irresistibly sweet. They’re the perfect choice for those with a sweet tooth and come in a wide range of flavours.

Yes, while these are the go-to e-liquids for sugar fanatics, there are still plenty of choices left to make. The correct sweet e-liquid for you depends on your personal taste. Some questions to ask yourself are: do you prefer fruity flavours or a candy taste to satisfy your cravings? Or perhaps you’d love the taste of home-baked desserts? Amazingly, some e-juice flavours will remind you of warm and delicious baked treats.

To give you a little taste of what’s on offer, here are some of the most popular Australian sweet e-liquid flavours: Butter Chocolate, Peach Melba, Bubblegum, Vanilla Slice and Berry Peachy Iced.

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Tobacco e-liquid flavours

Many vape users are ex-smokers; hence tobacco flavours will be particularly alluring. The familiar taste can even help some curb their cigarette cravings. If this sounds like you, then there are plenty of tobacco flavoured e-liquids on offer. Even if you haven’t just quit smoking, you may enjoy the richness and darkness of the tobacco flavour.

Sometimes one vape juice just isn’t enough. There’s a possibility to experiment and mix ‘n’ match with different flavour combos to create new, unique and irresistible tobacco e-liquid flavours. Cherry and tobacco? Or caramel and tobacco? Yes, please sounds good!

What does the tobacco e-liquid taste like? It tastes very much like the real thing with very little of the actual smell. You can always mix a tobacco e-liquid with a caramel, vanilla or brown sugar flavour for added depth and sweetness. The possibilities are endless and up to you.

Oozing with irresistible smokiness, here are a few popular Australian tobacco e-liquids to try: Tobacco Blend by Gold Leaf and Brown Sugar Tobacco by Gold Leaf.

Menthol e-liquid flavours

If you’re looking for a flavour bursting with icy freshness and an ultra-refreshing minty taste, then look no further than the menthol e-liquids. They’ll be the perfect midday pick-me-up and can also be a versatile all-day vape, gifting you with clean breath all day long.

The mint flavour is not too overpowering or sickly. If you want to spice things up, it can always be combined with other flavours. One of the easiest ways to create your own unique taste is by adding menthol flavouring to a vape juice of your choice for that extra minty kick!

If you don’t know where to start, here are a few of the top menthol e-liquids: Blue Titanic by Sticky Fingers E-Juice and Mint Sliced Iced by Sydney Vape Co.

Hopefully, vape juice flavours are now a little more clear. And hopefully, you already have some flavours in mind you’d like to try. What’s stopping you from trying them all?

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