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What is and what does a croupier do

Within the ecosystem that is the online casino and very particularly in some games such as roulette, there is an emblematic figure that even those who have never played know: the dealer. We have seen them in hundreds of movies or alongside unforgettable characters like James Bond, so today we want to know as much as possible about some of the great casino stars who have also known how to remain so in their transition to the online environment. 

Knowing well what a dealer is, what attributes they should have, or what functions they perform is important for every casino player, especially in online roulette. Although the chance is very important in this mode, your knowledge also counts, so the more you know, the better you can become as a player.  

Dealer: what is this figure 

To responsibly enjoy the entire online roulette offer that we have at Casino Barcelona, ​​it is important to know the croupiers thoroughly. This is the person who has the responsibility of controlling the evolution of the game in the way that the rules of the game indicate. 

For many, the dealer is the essential guarantor for everything to go as it should in online roulette. He is an independent figure from the players who have the responsibility of controlling the development of the live games. Among his functions are those of organizing the UFA game, something that he “inherits” from physical casinos and that he now maintains in the online versions. In the latter, which is the one that obviously interests us the most, the dealer is present in the different types of live roulette that we offer you on our menu. 

Dealer Features 

Now that we know who the dealer is, let’s learn in more detail what their specific functions are at the tables: 

  • The welcome:  the croupiers are the visible part of “the house” since they are the person who has the closest and most direct relationship with the players. Receive users who join the tables. 
  • Open the table:  the dealer is in charge of starting the game. In this aspect, he stands out for the exquisite treatment that he maintains at all times. 
  • Drivers of the game:  the croupier is in charge of opening the betting round and receives. Makes the classic Make a Match! Prompts. Or no more! 
  • Supervise:  In live play, it is possible to talk to the dealer, so it can also be important to clarify any questions or problems that may arise throughout the game.

History of croupiers 

The figure of the croupier appeared at the same time that games emerged. This took place in the Middle Ages, a time when games were not very complex, but little by little, the figure of a person who acted as an organizer and much more became necessary. This happened for the first time in China and, little by little, it spread throughout the world until it became what it is today. 

The word croupier comes from French and means horse’s rump. The term refers to the person who stood behind a player in the casino because he gave the impression of riding while giving his advice. 

With the passage of time, the figure of the croupier was gaining the functions that we have seen and his presence is today essential. The basis of everything was the fact of having a person who was in charge of enforcing the rules of the game and who made sure that everything was carried out correctly and following the normal channels. 

In physical casinos, their figure is always present, while in the versions of online casino games they are already a hallmark of the web pages.  

Qualities of a dealer 

In addition to all the functions that we have seen, dealers must possess a series of qualities and knowledge for which, obviously, not everyone is prepared. In order to correctly fulfill what a dealer is, some of your personal characteristics must be: 

Communication skills:  one of the keys to a good dealer is that he knows how to communicate and is able to give a good rhythm to the games. With these skills, they can attract new users and give a better gaming experience to all players. 

Decide fast: In addition to knowing the game perfectly, the dealer must analyze and make decisions very quickly. In this way, he will solve the different situations that can arise in the games without having to waste time. 

Good mediator:  during the game, moments of conflict may arise and the dealer must decide. In this regard, it is vital that dealers have a “left hand” because nerves can often be on edge. Having this ability will help to overcome these situations without major problems.  

Good presence:  The fact that they are the most visible image of the casino has made the appearance of the dealers even more important. This quality can also be a claim for users. 

Be fluent in languages:  dealers often have the ability to speak different languages, regardless of the main language of the web. Today they can strike up conversations with players who might feel better speaking in another language. If the dealer dominates it, the service will be better and the user will feel much better, without a doubt. 

The dealers in the live casino 

At Casino Barcelona, ​​the live casino offer is one of the most appreciated by our users. It is in it that you can best see the importance of dealers, as well as the qualities that we have highlighted in them. Regarding this, if the figure of the dealer is becoming attractive to you and you would like to be one yourself, you should know that there are training courses for it. 

Croupiers are great professionals who prepare for this job, and in Spain, you can train with cheaper courses than in other countries to be.

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