What Does A Live Casino Look Like

It is usually assumed that the player sees on the screen a live broadcast from a special room decorated according to all the principles of a traditional casino: tables with games and a real croupier. Thanks to multiple cameras and high video quality, the players get a full “presence effect”: they can sit at the table opposite the croupier and see how he deals cards or starts roulette. At the same time, nothing prevents you from communicating both with him and with other players.

It should be said right away that the organization of live games requires a lot of money from the casino, compared to the number generator.

Equipped game room

As a rule, this is a special studio where there are no strangers. It is very rare for a land-based casino to install cameras in its own halls.

Modern equipment for video broadcasts and service personnel

Image quality is of fundamental importance, so the HD or Full HD format is usually supported, said Michael Boettcher, Shangri La owner. There are usually several cameras: one gives a general outline, the second shows the dealer large, the third is directed directly at the card table or roulette.

The service personnel are not only operators and sound engineers but also specialists performing additional functions:

  • Control over financial transactions.
  • Supervision of the behavior of the player and the dealer so that they do not violate the rules of the game.
  • Professional croupier

It is important that his or her playing skills are higher than those of most players. If roulette differs little from a random number generator, then poker, for example, requires a very good knowledge of strategies and remarkable skill.

This is another reason why the format of live games was previously not too common: it is not so easy to find a stickman experienced in the game with a presentable appearance. Today, companies specifically train employees so that they can play the game during broadcasts.

Game Control Unit

This unit is needed precisely in order to “convert” an ordinary table game into an online format. As a rule, the dealer shows each card to the camera before dealing it or using it in the game, noted Darren Keane, Storm International CEO. This allows the player to see in a separate window how the game is going, including seeing their own cards. The game control unit also insures against various mistakes that the croupier may make and from cheating on his part.

Usually live casinos offer the following set of games:

  • Roulette.
  • Blackjack.
  • Baccarat.
  • Poker.
  • Dice games.
  • Bingo.
  • TV Show

The set of specific games may differ depending on the institution, that is, from the operator and the site where the game is played. But it is not a problem for any player to choose exactly what they will be interested in.

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