Top Online Casino Card Games to Play and Win Big

It is always exciting to win real cash while playing games that you are good at. Isn’t it? Nowadays there are lots of online casino card games available for you where you can play your favorite games and win massive jackpots. It also provides you with the opportunity of playing with your friends or at times with strangers. 

And with extensive technological advancements, these online casinos are gaining immense popularity. If you are a beginner you can go through this article and look here for more details about online casino games: 22Bet in Uganda. Now let us discuss some of the top online casino games that you can opt for if you want to win lots of exciting cash prizes.

Best Online Casino Card Games

There are lots of card games you can participate in online casinos. If you know the tips and tricks, it isn’t much difficult to win progressive jackpots in these games. Here are some of the most played card games in online casinos:

Indian Rummy

Indian rummy is one of the most loved online casino card games by gamblers all over the world. It is also the oldest and an extremely popular 13 card game that most professionals love playing. Once you manage to arrange the poker sequence properly you can get the chance to win lots of cash prizes. This game can also be downloaded on your Android phones and you can have the same experience of playing the game in a casino from your home itself. 

This game is played mostly between 2 to 6 people with 13 cards. If you want to win the highest jackpot here you need to make 3 or 4 sets and draw out cards from the table accordingly.


Poker is the most commonly played online casino card game by players. It is one of the finest online card games according to many. You just have to be a bit lucky to get the highest poker sequence to win massive jackpots.

The game is quite simple. The players should aim at having the best hand out of 2 private and 5 public cards. This is rather the first step towards playing the game. If you are good enough at playing it you can also participate in various global tournaments of this online poker game and get a chance to win million-dollar prizes.


If you are regular at playing online card games, you must be well acquainted with this game. Blackjack is one of the simplest online casino card games that any beginners can start with. You might get the chance to win massive payouts if you luckily get the highest poker sequence. If you want to beat the dealer you just need to aim at getting 21 points in your first 2 cards. 

Joker Wild

This online casino game is more of a variation of video poker. However, it is considered one of the best online casino games for newcomers. To win, the player should aim at securing the best 5 cards at hand. If you do not have that you need to at least have a pair of kings to win a minimum payout.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of card games and know all the tips and tricks to win, playing these online casino games won’t be a big deal for you. All you need to do is patiently and cleverly apply all the tricks and tactics while playing these games. This will help you to win lots of mind-blowing jackpots.

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