Tips to Play Lottery Games in BK8: QQ Keno

Well, if you’re into online lottery games, then you must have heard about QQ Keno. It is one of the best and popular lottery games, offering a lot of prizes and payouts. The game has Chinese origin with little French influence. In Chinese, 5 winning numbers are defined as “Keno.” QQ Keno offers many types of lottery games, including number gaming and many more. So, you can find a perfect game from their wide range of lottery games. No wonder it’s popular among gamblers. 

Most people think that Keno is for elderly people and you have to have extreme luck to win the game, which is not the case. We can rightfully say that Keno is an excellent way to earn money through online gambling. Let’s look at some ideas to assist you make some money and win the game.

  • Always opt for games with high payouts. Don’t settle for less if you’re confident about the win. Many casinos are out there, offering Keno games online. But choose the gambling sites with multiple variants. Among these hundreds of casino platforms, QQ Keno is the most prominent casino platform. 
  • Another important thing is you have to get used to Keno games with free trials. Before you place any bet, play these for the time being. Instead of going for free trials, we have seen several players directly get their hands to real betting. 
  • If you’re confused about which numbers to choose, then here’s a tip for you. Choose numbers that follow each other. There are specific numbers in online lottery games, which are known as cold numbers. These numbers haven’t been drawn for a while. Therefore, choosing the chilly numbers would be a smart decision. You would be more likely to win. We cannot say that it’s the best Keno, but it’s worth trying. 
  • We have said it earlier as well. Consider reputed sites. We can’t say that all the casino platforms are reliable, like QQ Keno. So, we highly recommend QQ Keno for some fun and exciting lottery games and huge payouts. 

About QQ Keno Lottery Games

The game was played in contemporary China. Following the years, it was stopped, and lotteries were banned in China. It is said that the construction costs of the Great Wall of China were raised from this popular Keno prevalent during the era. In the year 1847, some operators managed to reinstate the game.

Now, it’s easier to play games and withdraw the payouts within minutes. As a punter, you can expect to win around 14 million playing games in QQ Keno. You can learn how to play BK8 lottery games from the basics.

Betting Market

Betting markets for QQ Keno are played in Canada, Beijing, Slovakia, Malta, and Australia. In betting markets, the possibilities for seconds cover the 30’s, 60’s, 90’s and 120’s from different areas.

QQ Keno is reliable and faster, unlike other lagging gambling platforms. It’s the best option for professional gamblers who wants to move to another one as soon as they complete their betting. 

Betting Types

Big and Small

When playing the game, you need to predict the aggregate value of 20 numbers. It can either be small or large variations. When the overall value of 20 output numbers ranges between 210 and 809, it gives a small result overall. If the value ranges anywhere between 811 and 1410, you can expect something larger. 

Even and Odd

Most people preferred this betting type. The punter has to predict the total valuation of 20 bets among even or odd numbers.

Upper Middle Lower

There are primarily three types of bets, so we need to understand round structure sets in the Keno game clearly. The range matters in Keno; the marketers are closer to this range to a certain degree. 

  •         To get the top, 10 balls should range within 01 to 40. 
  •         For a middle outcome, 10 balls should range within 41 to 80.
  •         Everything higher than 81 is always low.


If the total value of 20 balls with values above and below 810, it is an unusual quantity.

Small Odd

The aggregate value of 20 output balls, whose value is equivalent to 810 or lesser, as the value is odd, we refer to it as small odd. 


The result is evenly called for the total value of 20 output balls with above 811.

Small Even

The net value of 20 output balls is equivalent to 810 or lesser, as the value is even, we refer to it as small even.


The total value of 20 outcome balls falls between 210 and 695. 


The aggregate value of 20 outcome balls falls in a range of 696 to 763.


The net value of 20 outcome balls falls between 764 to 855.


The total valuation of 20 outcome balls should range between 856 and 923.


The aggregate of 20 outcome balls should range between 924 and 1410. 


To get a tie, all the 20 balls should exactly match up to 810.  

How to Play QQ Keno

It’s not that you would learn to play QQ Keno in a day. If you want to bet, then start with numbers ranging between 01 to 80. When you start new, they will offer you a 2-minutes Keno round. So, you don’t have to worry. 

It becomes quite easier for the gamblers to bet as you’re offered 2 minutes to complete it. When you start betting, the first round starts with 20 numbers. As for the winning number, it would be the outcome number, which you might have guessed. This goes for all the other bet types. 

Register BK8 Account to Play QQ Keno

If you want to play Keno, then there’s no better place than online casino Malaysia BK8. It offers the perfect stability and compatibility for all the users, no matter what machine you’re using. Registering the account with QQ Keno would require the verification of the casino provider.  

You can address all the issues related to deposit and withdrawal methods through live chat options. For the latest information on bonuses and promotions, visit the promotion menu right after completing your registration. 

If you have difficulty playing games in QQ Keno, you can reach out to their customer services support team.

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